Ponytail hairpiece is one of the easiest types of hair extensions. It takes you a few minutes to put a long ponytail extension on your head and the result is just praiseworthy.

With other types of hairpieces which are attached with real hair by glue or seams, people have to find ways to sleep with them and wonder how and how often they should wash the extensions on their head. In contrast, you should spend just a few seconds to remove your ponytail, hence you don’t need to wash it frequently.

But some people find it boring to have a ponytail extension since they believe they would look unchanged all the time. This article could be able to change their mind by introducing ways to create unpredictable transformation for your long ponytail extension.

Deep curly ponytail
Deep Curly Ponytail

1. Try adding new color on your long ponytail extension

As long as you are using a human hair ponytail extension, you could apply color treatment on them like the way you do to your real hair. You may find dyeing hairpieces after buying them inconvenient. But in fact, people do it quite often. The first reason is that you may not find your interested color on any provider’s list. Secondly, you will likely get bored with the color after using the hair for a while.

Dyeing the separate hairpiece does you no harm, yet you should make sure the ponytail and your real hair won’t make a weird color contrast.

colored ponytail 1

You could choose either chemical dyes for sustainable shades or non – chemical dyes such as natural ingredients or food coloring. Non – chemical coloring is just temporary yet it is worth trying as an interesting experience for girls who never stay still in this fashion world.

2. What about changing the ponytail’s texture?

If you do not want a straight ponytail anymore, then turn it into curls or waves and vice versa. Among ponytails with all different textures, curly and wavy hair look much more voluminous than straight hair. On the other hand, straight hair has its own attractiveness and easy to preserve its shape in comparison with non – straight textures.

curly ponytail
Curly ponytail

However, we do not recommend you to overheat your tail with your hot styling tools. Set them at low temperatures and use heat protectants not to ruin your hairpiece. Otherwise, there are simple ways to make heatless waves or curls that help you create new shapes of hair while you sleep.

3. Make distinctive styles with your ponytail

Making styles with your long ponytail extension will not make it revealed but create an extremely different and gorgeous look on you. Therefore, do not hesitate to make an innovation for your appearance.

Here are some suggestions for you to make a change.

Make your real hair look less boring

Eye catching top
Eye-catching top

This technique is extremely favored by girls with afro hair since their real hair will look neat and eye-catching. Colorful hair accessories shall make every detail even more highlighted.

 Jumbo braided tail

Jumbo braided ponytail styles

Yes, this style is called Jumbo braided ponytail. You will look active and charming at the same time with a big braid on one side. Or it depends on you who may want to make a big bun at top of your head made of the braided ponytail.

Countless braids or just one twist?

Braided tail

Some girls are patient enough to make as many braids as they want, and the outcome is just amazing. Other girls find the beauty in simplicity when they just make a twist of two big hair locks. Now you could observe more clearly the power of thickness that your ponytail extension brings.

A noble look on your straight tresses

straight ponytail with pearls

This chain of pearls aims to suggest you use some types of hair accessories on your tail if you want more than just a rolled lock as shown above. Who said straight ponytail looked boring?

Or a Bubble Ponytail?

bubble ponytail

If you have a long ponytail extension, then do not ignore this unique style. You should try Maria Menounos’ bubbly look at least once with your tail. It requires you just some elastics and a little skill to have that chain of cute balloons.

I bet you do not find your long ponytail extension boring anymore. Make sure to take good care of your hairpieces so that you could try changing its look as much as you can.


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