There are a lot of textures of hair extensions for diverse choices but straight hair is still the style which is popular the most. Straight hair extensions give images which are not only beautiful but also natural and suitable with every woman. If you still have the thought that straight hair is tedious, don’t ignore this article! We make sure that you will have to change your mind afterwards!

1. Common description of Straight hair extensions

Perhaps, almost of us think that straight hairs are always smooth, natural and easy to recognize. However, textures of straight hair is more various than things you image! Apart from natural straight hair extensions that we often see, kinky straight hair extensions and yaki straight hair extensions are also extremely impressive. They are a bit crimped but eye- catching and trendy.

Straight Hair Extensions

If you are a wholesaler, you can considered choosing bulk straight or weave straight hair extensions. These are traditional hair products but they are always popular and never out of trend. They can be used directly or remade into other types of hair extensions which are more modern and convenient.

Yaki Straight Hair

That is exactly the thing you can get from types of straight hair products such as clip in hair, tape hair, lace hair pieces, wig or keratin bonded hair, etc. Each kind fits a different hair status but results you can receive are still wonderful.

2. Benefits of having straight hair extensions

Giving natural hair images

Almost hairs of people are essentially straight and soft so that choosing to apply straight hair products on your real hair is ideal.

Asian and Western human hairs are often natural straight hair which is smooth and slim. Whereas, African American hair is curly or kinky.  Many of them want to have straight hair so that they choose to relax hair or make into unique styles of straight hair like yaki straight or kinky straight. Obviously, in case their real hair is too thin or bad, using hair extensions is necessary. Thanks to that, they can both have their expecting straight hairstyles and keep their own hair origin.

Kinky Straight Hair

Giving the impressive length size

With the same length, straight hair textures give the better length size than wavy styles or curly hair styles. Moreover, hairs is natural and smooth. Who can refuse this charm? Indeed, when you buy straight hair extensions, you can get products which are often from 6 inches to 32 inches. Of course, they can be longer in some special cases. That also means your new hair appearance can reach over your behind, even your knees. Hairs’ impressive length size will actually take every people around by surprise.

Straight Hair

Giving better hair volume

It is clear that one of the reasons you choose to use hair extensions is to make your hair look more bobbing and voluminous, right? Although the volume that straight hair extensions make is less thick than wavy or curly hair extensions, it still gives you the wonderful result if you use properly.

Making styles easily

If you choose hair extensions with available textures, you can sometimes feel not satisfied because they are not the style you want. However, you will never have to meet these problems when applying silky straight hair extensions. After wearing hair products on head, you can make any style according to your hobby with hair styling tools. You will have the hairstyle which look more natural and eye- catching.

Straight Layered Hair

Applying easily

Hair extensions with straight textures are diverse and how to apply them are also extremely simple. Commonly, African American women like using straight hair weaves or straight wigs because they are firm and durable. Whereas, almost young girls in the world like types of straight clip in hair extensions or straight tape hair extensions because they are both nice and convenient to use. You only need to spend some minutes wearing them and a new perfect is made. That is so wonderful!

3. Where to buy good Straight hair extensions? 

To get good straight hair products with good quality and nice image, it is necessary for you to find for good hair extensions brands. That is the reason why we would like to recommend you to use hair of Luxshinehair. Hair sources here have the clear origin from 100% real Vietnam human hair which is nice, strong and smooth.

Straight Clip In Hair Luxshinehair

How do you think about above information of straight in hair extensions? Try them and you will actually fall in love with them!

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