You may have some experiences in taking care of your natural hair. However, once you get some hair extensions, you should keep in mind that those strands were cut off from their roots and are no longer nourished by the scalp. At the same time, hair extensions are usually under styling and dyeing process. Therefore, the way you treat your hair extensions should be different from your natural hair care process, and it depends on the strands texture as well as how you install the hair pieces. This article aims to provide you smart care tips for your hair extensions using Remy hair bundles with closure.

Why are Remy hair bundles with closure so common?

Remy hair bundles with closure

As you may know, synthetic hair and non – remy hair are of low quality and look unnatural. In contrast, Remy hair is the favourite of so many users all over the globe due to its origin advantage and reasonable price. Remy hair materials are collected directly from human heads. The materials are not under process or styling before. As a result, we could easily bleach, style the hair with variable options.

Hair extensions using bundles with closure are extremely popular as it is quite simple to apply and can offer flexible hairstyles.

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An overview of Remy hair extensions installation

Before learning to treat the hair extensions, you should know how the hair pieces are installed on your head.

For a short discription, you will have well – fixed braids of your natural hair along the head. Apply a closure on the top of the head as long as it just kisses the forehead. Sew in some weave bundles on the back and sides to cover the rest area on your head.

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How to take care of hair extensions using Remy hair bundles with closure?

Trim off your hair

Like the way you treat your natural hair, hair extensions also need to be trimmed for the hair’s health and longevity. There usually appears ugly split ends at the end of each strand as it is not raised by the body anymore. As you trim broken and dull strands, you are rising the number of healthy strands on your head.

Proper trim will not make your hair look obviously thinner but make it look shiny and beautiful as new.

Brush and Detangle

comb for hair

You may worry to touch your hair extensions so often, but in fact, it is not sensitive as you thought. Brushing in a right way and with suitable frequency helps prevent hair tangle, keep your hair in nice shape and bring back the beautiful shine.

To comb your bundles and closure, be patient and gentle with each piece of hair. Gather all the high strands by clips and brush the lowest layer. Then release the next layers from low to high position to carefully comb them. You would better use wide-tooth comb for curly and wavy hair, but never brush your wet hair as it is weakest at that state.

For a general advice, brush hair in the morning and the evening before you kiss your bed, and you will see a difference thanks to this simple trick.

Wash your hair properly

As the hair extensions are not provided with oils from the scalp, you do not need to wash them often. In general, the less you shampoo your hair extensions, the longer its lifespan is. However, because they are attached close to your scalp, they will be in contact with your sweat and dirt from your scalp as well as from external environment. Therefore, you should observe well your hair extensions for a proper frequency.

Because the hair pieces added are no longer nourished with nutrients from your body, it is necessary to hydrate them as much as possible. Try to moisturize them with alcohol and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners not to make the strands dry nor damaged.

Apply hair masks for your Remy hair bundles with closure

hair mask

The source of nutrients from inside was cut off, hence you should provide your hair extensions an alternative “foods”.

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Rethink the way you use hot tools 

heat for hair

You may find it hard to completely get rid of hot tools like hairdryers, straighteners, flat irons. However, you should notice that high heat is an enemy of your hair. Remy hair is made from 100% human hair materials and not even fed by the body. Therefore, as well as you know how high temperature could badly affect your natural strands, your hair extensions are even more vulnerable.

With hairdryers for example, you could take advantages of natural wind or set the hairdryer at cool air regime to help relax your hair. Also, using hair styling tools at low or medium heat is enough and ensures your hair health.

It shall be your luck to have your beautiful hair extensions using Remy hair bundles with closure. However, you should really pay attention to the hair care process to make it always natural and beautiful as the first date.


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