In fictional movies, images of actresses are taken notice very carefully. Obviously, their hairstyles are also extremely unique and attractive. Many hair wigs have been inspired from these characters’. They will actually give you outstanding images for outdoor activities or cosplay parties. Let’s check out some of these most impressive wig styles right here below!

1. Rapunzel wig

Every girl wants to have hair of Princess Rapunzel. It is a very long blonde hairstyle which is smooth and sleek. However, to have this style on your real hair, you will have to raise hair for a very long time, dye your hair with blonde hair dye frequently and take care of hair skillfully. It is very difficult to do all of these acts with the good result.

Rapunzel wig is exactly the cosplay wig you need. With that gorgeous length size, hair is often synthetic hair. However, with the good care and your creativeness in styling hair, you can have Rapunzel hairstyle which looks absolutely natural and impressive.

rapunzel wig

2. Daenerys wig

If you are a big fan of “Games of Thrones”, you must have not forgotten the beautiful image of Daenerys Targaryen. Her hairstyle plays a very important role to her mysterious beauty. Although she don’t have long hair as Rapunzel’s, she still looks wonderful with her unique hairdo.

Her hair is long with soft hair waves. In addition, the combination between rebellious platinum blonde hair shade and mild braided strands is perfect. This pure image attracts every girl so that Daenerys wig is born. Let’s see, this blonde wig is really charming!


3. Moana wig

This is exactly the wig style that  American African love because it is full of wildness and naturalness. With stunning deep hair curls and the soft dark brown color, the hair looks so attractive! Indeed, it is completely okay if you choose to have long hair or short hair, its texture will actually not make you feel disappointed.

Especially, this Moana wig style fits brown skin tone of black women perfectly. Not only it embellishes their strength but also makes their appearance look bright and full of vitality. Let’s always smile brightly and play hard with this radiant hair wig!

Moana Wig

4. Elsa wig

The hairstyle of the Snow Queen Elsa is always one of the hairstyles of fictional characters which is loved the most. Thick blonde long hair is braided and pancaked to give the unique hairdo which is more charming than ever. It is exactly Elsa wig!

White snowflakes are the most wonderful hair accessories on the blonde wig which make Elsa’s hair become more attractive and make her appearance look so graceful and splendid.

Elsa Wig

5. Harley Quinn Wig

Hey fans of ” Suicide Squad”! do you love the sexy Harley Quinn? We make sure that your answer is ” Yes”. Harley looks perfect in every picture because of her “one in a million” hairstyle. It is clear that Margot Robbie had to wear a wig to have this figure but it was really worthy.

After the success of the movie, Harley Quinn wig is serially produced and it is really best sold. Hair is blonde but hair ends are more special. Pink and blue are both rebellious hair shades so that they display Harley Quinn’s style very well. Combining with cool clothes, Harley style is always outstanding.

Harley Quinn Wig

6. Belle wig

Another hair suggestion from Disney Animation belongs to Belle hair. Not only can this hairstyle be suitable for cosplay festivals but also perfect for you when taking part in any party.

The part of bangs is styled with bobbing hair waves. Whereas, hair is made into the unique half up bun style. Obviously, hair can’t look completely elegant if not having the charming brown color and bouncy long hair curls. Wearing Belle wig with this impressive style, you will be the most beautiful Princess.

Belle Wig

Among these suggestions, which is the wig style you want to use the most for the coming cosplay party? Let’s share with us!

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