Have you ever felt worried about your thin, short hair because you cannot create many gorgeous hairstyles for it? Nowadays, your anxiety will be solved in a blink of an eye with the help of hair extensions.

Over many years, hair extensions has become popular among women all over the world because it makes them look more beautiful. Companies produce more and more types of hair extensions to meet customers’ demands. Unlike dyeing or bleaching, hair extensions cause less damage to your natural hair.

However, which hair extensions should you choose if you want short hairstyles? We recommend you use 8 inch hair extensions which are favored by almost women. Go straight for detailed information.

What Are 8 Inch Hair Extensions?

Actually, this length size is perfect for girls who are dreaming of fuller and thicker hair with neck-length hair or shoulder-length hairstyles.

Mathematically, 8 inch is equivalent to 20 centimeters. When mention to the sizes of hair extensions, you should notice that hair suppliers talk about the length of straight hair. Hence, to measure it exactly, you need to stretch 8 inch hair extensions maximumly.

You can make different hairstyles with a short size or shoulder-length size depending on the position that you apply these hair extensions in hair. Since the hair is not long, you should use straight or kinky straight hair instead of curly or wavy hair to keep the hair as long as possible. If you want to have a curly or wavy hairstyle, your hair will require permed; therefore, it must be shorter than the real length.

8 Inch Hair Extensions

Why Should You Choose 8 Inch Hair Extensions?

When you want to mention about the reasons why you choose something, you cannot miss out its great benefits. In this part, we will find out amazing advantages of 8 inch hair extensions to understand why they are loved by almost females.

  • Add Volume And Length

The first remarkable benefit of 8 inch extensions is that it can add more volume and length to your real hair. The hair extensions in this length is for you if you have cut your hair and felt unhappy because of the unexpected length. It can make your hair look longer and more voluminous in a few minutes. So now, you will be confident with your short hair.

Add Volume And Length

  • Have Various Choices

Another reason why you should use hair extensions in 8 inch is that you can choose any type of hair extensions among many types like weave, clip-in hair or keratin hair extensions depending on your demands and your budget. No matter what type you choose, they are easy to apply and able to change your look effectively.

Various Choices

  • Have Different Colors And Textures

Besides black hair extensions, many other colors like blonde or brown are also widely used. If you want to have new hair color or just add some highlights to make your hair look more impressive, try 8 inch hair extensions.

With 8 inch hair extensions, you can achieve your desired texture without using heat tools. It is the fastest and safest way to change your hairstyle instantly.

Have Different Colors And Textures

In conclusion, hair extensions is a perfect choice if you want to change your look quickly and effectively. If you wonder how to choose right size of hair extensions, you should take a look to hair length chart. Hope that all information above is useful for you. Don’t hesitate to try these hair extensions right now. Contact Luxshinehair for help.

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