No matter what your hair length, texture or style are, you shall likely struggle with hair tangle at some stage. You may not know what to do other than patiently combing your hair. However, to thoroughly solve the problem, you should know why your hair tangles to untie the knots.

Why does hair tangle?                                                                 

Hair tangle happens when strands are stuck together. Without outside interference, the knots would become bigger and bigger and difficult to remove. So why does your hair tangle? The key answer is that the more severe your cuticle damage is, the bigger the mass of tangles. First of all, a cuticle is a hair’s outer layer which is smooth and closed if it is healthy. Otherwise, damaged and opened layers of cuticle shall be stuck together, leaving your hair tangled. Here are some reasons why a cuticle is damaged.

Hair chemicals

It is perspicuous to say that hair cuticle could be easily damaged by extreme chemicals, especially bleach, hair dye and perm. Women with their hair styled do more likely experience knots in their hair than those with natural hair.

High temperature

hair straightener

High heat from sunlight, hairdryers, straighteners and other hair styling tools is an enemy of hair moisture, causing more split ends on your hair. It is suggested that you would better use a heat protectant and cover your head when going outside for a long time.

Rough towel for hair drying

You should only use your towel to gently squeezing the water out of your hair instead of strongly rough it. Let it dry with natural air or cool – air hair dryer.

Improper hair wash

You should never wash your hair daily unless your scalp is extremely oily because over-washing strip your useful natural oil and make your dry hair layers break. Instead, you should confirm what your hair type to decide how often you wash it and choose gentle and sulfates-free shampoo and conditioners.


Some people were born with trichorrhexis nodosa inherited, making the hair nodes to grow thicker and weaker, hence the hair could break more frequently. The problem could also be resulted from iron deficiency, ammonia excessive or hypothyroidism.

Some bad habits

You may have to deal with tangled hair if you do not comb your hair throughout the day especially when you are afraid of mess your curly up; or your hair is supper thick and you sleep with your hair down.

How To Get Rid Of Hair Tangle?

Do not skip hair conditioner  

hair tangle

You could easily imagine that smooth and moisturized hair shall less likely suffer from tangles and knots. A simply tip for you is to use gentle condition after shampooing and let it sit in your hair for a few minutes for a good absorption.

Apply natural hair masks

With the same principle as above, natural ingredients would be able to act as awesome conditioners helping your hair smooth, shiny and healthy. For some useful suggestion, please find here to be ready for a change.

Large – tooth comb

comb for hair tangle

A large – tooth comb may take you more time to detangle your messed hair. However, it is wise to be patiently untie the knots not to damage your hair. Also, you should gently brush your hair two or three times per day, especially before shampooing and going asleep.

Rethink the way you use hot tools

It is hard to get rid of hair dryers and styling tools. However, if you really care about your hair tangle, you can wisely use those tools at low or medium temperature. That should helps avoid breaking hair cuticle, using a heat protection when you are about to have your hair styled.

Protect your hair while sleeping

We recommend you to use a satin pillow and make loose braids before you go to bed. It should be a good and easy way to arrange your strands order.

Rinse your hair with cold water

As you understand the causes of hair tangle explained above, the hair cuticles will open under hot water. It leads to annoying frizz and hair knots. Therefore, it is better to cool down the water especially in the summer.

Right hair products

As mentioned already, you would better avoid products that make your hair dry and weak. Natural – originated, alcohol and sulfate -free products, hence, are highly recommended for tangled hair.

Try variable hairstyles

scrunchies for hair tangle

You may think that fixing your hair into a ponytail could keep your strands stay still peacefully. However, in fact, an elastic could do your hair more harm than you thought, making it break and cause split ends. It is ideal to try variable hairstyles or at least tie your hair at variable spots to have it relaxed with gentle fabric scrunchies. On the other hand, if you do not hate braids, then they are perfect for sport activities or a windy day.

We hope to help you figure out why your hair does tangle and choose the best solution for the issue. If you’ve ever looked at a mirror and yelled out “My life is a mess”, first try untying the knots in your hair and things may going to be better.


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