Blonde bundles with frontal package deals are amongst the most favorite types of hair extensions. If you wish to have stunning voluminous blonde hair, you can get an all-in-one solution by having that combo of hairpieces. We would like to tell you why blonde bundles with frontal could be that popular.

Elle Fanning's blonde

It is simple to install blonde bundles with frontal

Each piece of frontal makes a wide coverage (13×4” standardly) on the front area of your head from ear to ear. Hence, if your head is of average size, you will need just 2 or 3 weave bundles to cover the rest area.

Blonde bundles with frontal

To save time and get a good result at the first try, you should refer to some guiding videos on the internet or ask for a hairdresser’s help. We would like to give you some suggestions for your hair extensions using bundles with frontal.

Step 1: Making hair cornrows

Firstly, cleanse thoroughly your real hair and make it dry for the best preparation. Then you will braid your natural hair into cornrows to fix your hair and also create a base to install your hair extensions. Hence, this step shall help you install the hair extensions more easily and reduce damages to your real hair and scalp.

Step 2: Positioning the frontal

Installing a frontal

Placing the frontal on the front part of your head and let it just touch your forehead. Then sewing the lace’s hem onto the cornrows base using a curved needle and thread. Lastly, you will cut off the exposed lace parts and part your hair at a position that you would like.

You could also attach the frontal using glue. However, this way is less preferred as it makes a less durable connection and could cause your hair damages. You should be skillful to apply this method.

Step 3: Sewing some bundles

Finally, you will have to cover the rest area with some weave bundles. You could skillfully glue or sew the wefts on the cornrows base finish the extension. You should decide the number of hair bundles and how long they are to get your desired length and thickness.

The hair extensions will last for long with proper care

As long as you could buy for yourself high – quality hairpieces (usually made of Remy hair and Virgin hair) and take good care of them, the hair extensions could last for 1 to 2 years.

To maintain the beauty of your hair extension for that long, you will need to take some notes for the hair care process. In case you are afraid that the blonde weave bundles and frontal will soon become brassy as time goes by, then purple shampoo is a must-have for you.

At the same time, like other types of hair extensions, weave bundles and frontals could be shed or tangled without smart use. You should not wash your hair too often since it is not necessary but ruin your hairpieces. Specialized soothing shampoos are recommended for a smooth and beautiful look.

There are more hair care tips for blonde hair extensions that you will need to learn thoroughly if you want to maintain your hair extensions’ beauty and charm.

Various hairstyles with blonde bundles with frontal inspired by celebs

Amanda Seyfried’s Blonde styles

Amanda Seyfried

As long as your hair extensions originate from human hair materials, you could style them with any shapes you wish. Amanda looks so noble and lovely with both wavy blonde and straight blonde.

If you would like to change the hair texture, make sure to use heat protectants before styling and offer good care for it after that.

Gigi Hadid’s long loose wavy blonde

Gigi Hadid

To be honest, I loved her blonde at first sight. If you have the same feeling, then you could totally have it constantly thanks to blonde bundles with frontal. Life should be that easy.

Shakira’s curly blonde


Curly blondes could be either for an active or a gentle look depending on how curly you apply (deep, loose, kinky, fumi, romantic, etc.) and types of outfit going with.

Natalie Dormer’s light waves 

Natalie Dormer

Her white skin tone goes so well with the light shade of blonde. It also suggests that wavy blonde hair looks cool even with girls having round faces if she knows how to arrange the hair waves so as they partly hide their chubby cheeks but reveal the forehead.

Jennifer Lopez’s long dark blonde

Jennifer Lopez's blonde

If your skin tone is warm, then look at this dark blonde as it may look great on you. Long hair or short hair? It is not a big deal if you can get your desired blonde bundles and frontal.

We believe that now you could realize the strong power of blonde bundles with frontal packages. If you want more things about hair beauty, keep learning with us since we love to do that with you.

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