When choosing types of hair extensions, you always need to consider criteria of the visual effect, the quality and the convenience. It is clear that not all types can meet all of these demands. Thus, we write this post to help you to have the best suggestions. Let’s check out the most popular hair extensions together!

1. Weave hair extensions

Weave hair is loved by almost women all over the world because it is traditional, beautiful and well- maintained. With the sewing method, hair weaves can be sewn into hair cornrows regularly and solidly. They are especially suitable with hair of African American women with thick, rough and curly hair locks.

Although the time to apply them can be a bit long and the way to put in is also quite sophisticated, their effects will actually not make you disappointed.

Weave Hair

2. Clip in hair extensions

There will be a very big effect if we don’t mention hair clip ins here. They can be considered one of the most popular types which is loved by women all over the world. Only by clasping clip in hair extensions on your real hair as the way you clasp normal clips can your hair look much more voluminous and beautiful.

You only need to spend some minutes applying these hair extensions but the result is still wonderful. In addition, taking them off is also simple. You can bring them to anywhere and use them in any time without worrying about unexpected trouble.

Clip In Hair

3. Tape hair extensions

Similar to hair clip ins, tape hair extensions are also easy and comfortable to use. With sticky tapes, hair extensions are attached on your real hair in a very quick way. Even when you play hard, they are completely not easy to be fallen out.  With diverse sizes and images, these hair tapes can meet all expectations of customers.

Tape Hair Extensions

4. Wig hair extensions

If you have serious problems of hair such as damaged hair or hair loss, using a wig may be the most suitable choice. Its full coverage on hair is completely impressive. Not only does it help you to hide unexpected bad hair but also protects our own hair better. When you have a wig cap on your head, the real hair inside is kept away from smoke, dirt, direct sunlight and so on. The new hair style that the wig bring to will actually satisfy you.

Use A Wig

5. Ponytail hair extensions

Keeping hair down sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable? You need to tie your hair up but your hair is very thin and weak which can easily be broken? If so, you had better use ponytail hair extensions. Having them, you will have tied- styles which are more voluminous and eye- catching than ever.

Hair wefts of these hair extensions are skillfully designed to avoid being seen so you can completely feel self- confident and comfortable to display your own personality.

Ponytail Hair Extensions

6. I- tip hair extensions

Among kinds of keratin hair extensions, I- tip hair is the most popular one. With the simple design of small and straight tips, you can apply them easier than doing with other types such as V- tip hair, U- tip hair or Flat- tip hair.

Hair tip strands are small and many so you can have to take quite a lot of time to put them on your hair with specialized nano ring beads. However, the final result is worthy. You can wear these hair extensions at any position on your head that you need to add more volume and they will actually work well.

I Tip Hair Extensions


You can visit Luxshinehair to get these hair extensions with the best quality and image. Besides, the company also supply many other impressive types such as bulk hair, lace closure, lace frontal, etc that help you to have more reasonable choices. Obviously, customer services are also very good that make customers always feel secure and believable.

Luxshinehair Company

Coming here, you can choose yourself hair products which are from 100% real human hair in Vietnam. Hair is always guaranteed to be nice, strong and smooth. Styles and colors of hair extensions are also diversely created to meet customers’ demands the best. For now, let’s buy one and feel wonderful things that these hair extensions give!

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