Hair extensions have been around for a long time and become so familiar with all of us. Having your hair extended is an easy and constant way to improve your appearance in case your hair is not voluminous, long and beautiful enough. If you are looking for some hair extensions, you may find that luxurious products go with very high costs. However, there offers you various types of hair extensions all over the world, hence, you must have a lot of other options. This article aims to help you decide if cheap hair bundles with closure are worth buying and where you should buy them.

Why not a full wig but bundles with closure?

Bundles with closure

Hair bundles with closure make a popular combination of hair extensions for global women. It is quite simple to install and many girls applied it themselves at home. Of course, wearing a full wig is fastest, yet having hair bundles and a closure on your head does not take you much time as long as you know how to do it properly.

Compared to a full wig, using hair bundles with closure is more economical. It can save you even more if your provider offers sales promotion for package deals of hair bundles and a closure.

Last but not least, it is much more flexible to style your hair with the package deal. If you wear a full wig, its thickness and length are unchanged unless you want to cut it short or trim to thin it. In contrast, with bundles and a closure deal, you could adjust your hair’s thickness and length by changing the number of hair bundles, the length of them, and the position you sew the hairpieces.

Hair bundles

Thorough understanding of cheap hair bundles with closure

In general, hair materials could be classified into 2 categories: Non – human hair and Human hair

Synthetic hair is known as the most popular type of Non – human hair; while Human hair should be classified into 3 sub-divisions which are Non – Remy hair, Remy hair and Virgin hair. Among 4 sub-divisions, synthetic hair and Non – Remy hair are the cheapest ones.

Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair has been more and more familiar with the hair fashion field. It is used popularly as a filmmaking prop. Synthetic hair consists of man-made fibers. Like human hair, synthetic hair is also formed from polymers. That gives it a similar look to natural hair from a far distance. However, human hair is made from keratin while synthetic hair is commonly made from various man-made polymers and plastics. In general, synthetic hair is often made from some of the ingredients: Polyethylene-terephthalate, PVC, Vinyl, Single-filament polyester, Silk, Acrylonitrile, Acrylic, and Silicone.

Low price is the biggest advantage that makes users want to buy cheap hair bundles with closure for extensions. Furthermore, the hair shape styled and color could be able to maintain for a long time due to the ingredients’ characteristics.

However, you can hardly try other hairstyles because synthetic fiber is more resistant to change. Synthetic hair, at the same time, is less durable than human natural hair. Therefore, with good care, you could use your synthetic wigs or hair bundles no for about 4-6 months, also depending on each branch. Synthetic hair looks not natural and gorgeous as human hair, especially from a short distance.

Where to buy?

Synthetic hair is produced in bulk and widely in the world because of the readily industrial materials availability and some distinct advantages mentioned above. You could easily find synthetic hair online or at stores if you expect no more than what it offers.

Non – Remy hair

The cuticle is the outmost layer of a single hair. It helps protect the inside of the hair and decides how shiny your hair would look. If the cuticle is removed, the hair could no longer be able to bleach or dyed.

Materials for processing Non-Remy hair are collected as human hair from hair salons or random suppliers. Therefore, they are not in the same directions, causing inevitable shedding, matting, and tangling problems. Producers will use chemicals to remove all the cuticles and utilize silicone to make the hair look shiny. However, if you wash out the silicone, the hair soon becomes a mess.

The non – Remy hair is affordable but just lasts for a few months. Also, it would easily break and become tangled.

More suggestions about affordable and better hair products

Cheap hair products not only have short expectancy but also look unnatural and less fashionable in general. Here we introduce some products with good quality and reasonable prices.

Remy hair

Luxshinehair bundles

Materials for Remy hair are collected directly from some human heads. The full cuticles will be in the same direction so that the hair will not easily become tangled. The materials are not yet under styled or processed, hence, it is simple to bleach, dye, and style with many fashionable shapes. However, as it is a mixture from hair of more than one human head, the texture of all strands are not the same. As a result, if you have your hair extensions dyed, the color will not highly even.

Virgin hair

Virgin hair should be considered the best hair type which is originated from just one human head. The hair with full cuticles in the same direction and not yet processed is perfect for you to change your appearance. However, higher-quality requires higher expense, yet it really worth a look if you wish to seriously invest in your hair.

Where to buy?

Human hair products are available in Brazil, Europe, and some Asian countries such as China and Vietnam.

We highly recommend hair products by Luxshinehair which uses 100% Vietnamese Remy and Virgin human hair. As you may have a chance to know, Vietnamese natural human hair is recognized as high – quality material which is durable, strong, shiny, and easy to style.

Luxshinehair bundles

With your simple care, Luxshinehair’s products will last for 1 – 2 years or even more without breakage and tangle.

Now you have multiple choices for your hair extensions when you thoroughly understand the pros and cons of each hair type regarding their origin. We hope to provide useful things about cheap hair bundles with closure to help you make your own last decision.


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