Have you ever thought that girls will feel more confident when they own the right hairstyle? Someone may feel uncomfortable with their thin and short hair. So, what is the best solution for this? Many people know that wearing hair extensions can spice up their look effectively, but they don’t know what type and length to choose. Now, if you are still not sure, consider to choose 10 inch hair extensions. They may be something that you’re looking for.

How Long Is 10 Inch Of Hair Extensions?

If 6 or 8 inch extensions are too short and 12 inches are longer than what you need, 10 inch hair extensions can be the best choice for you. The 10 inch hair length is measured when the hair is maximally straightened. If you want to order hair extensions of 10 inches with different textures like curly or wavy, you need to a longer size to get the exact 10 inch hair length. This length size is approximately 25 centimeters so that it is suitable for medium-length hairstyles.

How Long Is 10 Inch Of Hair Extensions

10 Inch Wavy Hair Extensions

You may know that hairstyle is one of the most outstanding features that makes us different from other people. Everyone has their own favorite hair texture. But, when it comes to wavy hair, you will see that the texture lies between straight and curly hair. There are various textures of wavy hair such as deep wavy, loose wavy and body wavy. Wavy hair brings you a new but still attractive look. Here is a list of wavy hairstyles for 10 inches hair extensions.

  • Short Bob Body Wave Style

This body wavy style is great even when the hair is short. Furthermore, it has a side part, so you can blend it with your natural hair. The body waves of this style make you look active and younger.

Short Bob Body Wave Style

  • Water Wavy Bob

A water wave bob looks chic and ladylike. It is a mid-length bob which means you can style it differently. Pull some of the hair to the side of your face and let the other hair flow.

Water Wave Bob 10 Inches

  • 10 Inch Loose Wavy Hair

Another gorgeous hairstyle is loose wavy hair. This style brings a luxurious appearance to you. Especially, it is a perfect hairstyle for all occasions.

10 Inch Loose Wavy Hair

10 Inch Curly Hair Extensions

You think that 10 inch curly hair is too short, even makes you look older than your age, don’t you? That’s completely wrong. These days, curly hair is becoming more and more popular among women all over the world, especially African American women. This texture not only refreshes your look but also gives you a more natural look. Why don’t you try curly hair extensions of 10 inch length to spice up your current straight hair? Take a look at several curly hairstyles below if you don’t know what to go for.

  • Soft Curls

You will never go wrong with the soft curls. This one comes in as a side-swept bang to make it better. To keep these curls last long, you need to apply a little amount of hairspray to your hair.

Soft Curls

  • Asymmetrical Curly Bob

The asymmetrical style is the spice to the style. The hair is brown and you can blend it with a blonde. This style is ideal for both black and white women.

Asymmetrical curly bob

If you are crazy about curly and wavy hairstyles, all hairstyles above of 10 inches will be useful. Now, choosing 10 inch hairstyles will become easier than ever. Follow Luxshinehair.com if you want to find out information about other hair length size. Thanks so much for reading!

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