If you have ever used hair extensions once at least, you actually know about bulk hair. This is the most popular and traditional type of hair extensions. From this hair product, you can apply in hair for many impressive images as well as remake into many other types of hair extensions. In this article, let’s check out all amazing things of bulk hair!

1. What is bulk hair?

As we have mentioned above, bulk hair is considered the most traditional type of hair extensions. It is simply the hair bundle tied by some elastic. Hair strands are fixed in the same direction and length size so that people can use easily and conveniently. To have nice and good hair bulks, hair needs to be real human remy hair.

Bulk Hair Extensions

2. Functions of bulk hair

Bulk hair extensions have wonderful functions that can take you by surprise. They can meet the demand of customers including individuals, retailers and wholesalers.

Bulk human hair for braids

This is the most popular function of bulk hair for individuals. Not only women but also men can apply bulk hair in their own hair to make their own hair become thicker and more impressive. Because this method is safe and easy to diy, it is one of choices that people all over the world love.

By using freetress bulk hair or bulk crochet hair, hair extensions will be added into your own hair to make it have a newer and better look. You will need to know how to use the crochet needle as well as your skillfulness to link strands of bulk hair in hair cornrows on your head. The process can take you quite a lot of time but the result is perfect.

Bulk Human Hair For Braids

Make other types of hair extensions

For the convenience and diversity of hair extensions, brands create more and more different types to meet the satisfaction of customers. It is clearly that all sophisticated things come from simple things and making hair extensions does too. All motivated types of hair products are derived from traditional bulk hair ties.

Thus, bulk hair extensions is the top choice of wholesalers because they can make other types which have the higher value and better look. We can mention some impressive wholesale hair products in bulk such as weave hair, clip in hair, wig, etc. They are all unique products with special functions that can grab the attention of millions of women in the world.

Beautiful Hair

3. Where to buy good bulk hair?

Because they are traditional products, hair bulks are sold widely in the global hair market. However, that also means low quality hair products are also very much. If you buy them, many bad effects can happen to your hair as well as your heath anytime. Therefore you had better find out and choose prestigious hair brands with good hair quality to make sure that you can feel satisfied with the product when you wear it on.

In the diverse hair market nowadays, hair brands from Brazil, Malaysia, India, South America are very famous. Their hair sources are good and popular. However, their prices are often too expensive.

Good Hair Extensions

We would like to recommend you to use bulk human hair in Vietnam. Despite being a small country, Vietnam is an ideal region to get good hair sources. Vietnamese women’s hair is essentially long, smooth and soft. In addition, hair strands are not too big but not too slim so that it can match other kinds of human hair perfectly.

For that demand, let’s try visiting Luxshinehair! This is the top brand of supplying hair extensions in Vietnam. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, the company always commit to make wonderful bulk hair products with the best quality and the most reasonable price. Hair sources of Luxshinehair are completely bulk virgin hair and bulk remy hair which are from trustworthy hair donors nationwide. Thus, hair is always beautiful, fragrant and bright as that in pictures.

Bulk Hair Luxshinehair

Obviously, any other types of hair extensions such as weave hair, tape hair, lace frontal, wig, etc as well as any styles of hair textures like straight, curly, wavy hair of that company are impressive and eye- catching. They are loved by both wholesale and individual customers. Let’s try buying them to make new appearances for your hair! You will actually feel satisfied with them.

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Luxshinehair Company



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