If your hair care process is as boring and time-consuming as you often do at hair salon and use your regular chemical shampoos and conditioners day by day, this article is just for you. We would like to suggest you some weird hair hacks which are easy yet surprisingly effective.

Lemon Juice Highlights

Hair hacks

You are going to stretch yourself out for sunbathing? There is another useful thing you could do simultaneously using the beautiful sunlight. You may not know that lemon juice could be used as a highlighting product. You are guided in applying lemon juice to your hair and brush it gently. Let it lie on the sunbathing bed to be exposed to the sunlight as much as possible. All you need to do is close your eyes and keep your hair stay still for about 45 minutes. The sunlight and the lemon juice’s collaboration shall naturally get your strands highlighted.

You would better apply it every two weeks to gradually lighten your hair. You could stop the process whenever you got your desired color. The process should be the easiest and cheapest method for your hair highlighted. However, you will not likely see the clear result on the first try, which depends considerably on your strands characteristics.

Aspirin for healthy hair

Aspirin for hair

Aspirin is used commonly as a painkiller for aches and pains such as headache, toothache, etc. If you usually have the pills available at home, you can think about using aspirin powder in your shampoo as one of weird hair hacks. Aspirin is a great source of salicylic acid which helps remove dandruff and accumulation of dirt as well as banishing the dullness.

You will need to mash one aspirin in your regular shampoo and gently do massaging with your scalp and hair. Then rinse it off with cold water. For the best result, you should apply this every two weeks.

Coca – Cola for voluminous hair

Coke for hair

This sounds to be the weirdest hairstyling hack, yet it is no joke at all. The secret is that Coke contains phosphorous acid which has a low pH to help tighten hair cuticles. As a consequence, your strands volume and texture will be amazingly enhanced. A huge amount in Coca – Cola also make your hair much more voluminous.

So simply, pour the Coke all over your strands, and wrap your head in a shower cap or a towel. Rinse it out with cold water and you will have smooth and shiny hair which also look much thicker.

There are more tips for you to get voluminous hair which should be found here.

Curl your hair with socks

socks for hair

If you love your hair to be curly yet do not want to let it suffer from high heat, why don’t you try using your socks?

We agree that styling your hair with a curling wand shall keep the curls stay in right shape for a long time. However, as time goes by, the strands will be damaged due to the high temperature and look healthy no more.

To simply make the heatless curls, divide your hair into thin segments and spritz them with hairspray. You then wrap each of them around a sock along to its length and softly tie the tail. Use extra hairspray after that if you wish and be ready for a super effective outcome.

It is not complicated and could be applied when you are at home doing other stuff at the same time.

Blonde Makeover by Tomato Ketchup

tomato for hair

It must be insane to use tomato juice as a type of hair food. If you have blonde hair and it would become green after exposing to water in a pool or in the ocean, what will you do? There is no need to stay away from those cool place nor dye your hair repeatedly as those solutions sound not ideal. Instead, you could try soaking your hair in tomato juice. The red content in the juice shall neutralize the green and pay back to you the blonde shade. Let the juice stay still for about 20 minutes for the best absorbance. Finally, wash out your hair with gentle shampoo and conditioner.

As much as you discover the new things in life, you will see more and more funny tricks which are simple to apply yet amazingly effective. Those weird hair hacks shall hopefully make your life easy and wonderful as the way you apply them.

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