Talking about types of hair extensions which are traditional but popular, we can’t ignore Sew in hair extensions. When having them, your new hairstyle will become completely different and impressive. If you haven’t believed yet, let us introduce you all amazing things of them!

Sew In Hair

1. What is sew in hair?

Sew in hair is completely not a new kind of hair extensions. It is the alternative name of weave hair extensions. We can call it like hair weave or sew in weave. Hair strands which are in the same direction and length size are linked together by firm weft lines at the top part of hair.

There are two basic kind of sew in hair extensions. They are machine weft hair and hand tied weft hair. As its name, machine weft hair extensions are made by modern machine which cab guarantee about the firmness and regularity. Hair weaves are made quicker with the same quality. Whereas, hand tied wefts are weave hair extensions which are manually and skillfully made by human hand. The prize is higher than prize of machine wefts but it is worthy.

Sew In Hair Extensions

2. How to get good sew in hair?

Because this is the popular hair products in the hair extensions market these days, its fake and low quality products are numerous. You need to take notice in choosing a good and prestigious hair brand so as to get the best weave hair extensions.

You had better use sew in human hair extensions instead of buying cheap sew in hair or synthetic hair. Real hair extensions will give you images which look the most natural and beautiful. Hairs are guaranteed to be nice, strong and smooth without dirt, bugs, tangles or shedding. In addition, weft lines are also designed so as to be suitable when being applied on head and help your initial bad hair to become a new one which is full of vitality.

We highly recommend you to use sew in weaves of Luxshinehair. Hair products of this brand are completely from real human virgin and remy hair in Vietnam. Thus, hair is always nice, smooth and sleek. In addition, with modern machine and skilled workers, the company always make the most beautiful hair weaves.

Good Sew In Hair

3. How to apply sew in hair extensions?

Sew in hair extensions are popular but many people don’t know how to use them. The result is that they blame on hair weaves for damage their own hair. Thus, you need to know how to install them properly.

There are two basic ways to put in weave hair extensions. You can sew them into hair cornrows on head directly by thread and needle or stick them on hair with glue. Both methods are widely used. However, you need to be careful and skillful to give the best result.

Method 1: Sewing

You need to make a horizontal line on head and then make a hair cornrow right below. This is the base for you to to sew the hair weft in without making too much damage for hair and scalp. Obviously, you can completely make a diagonal line instead but they can make you meet more trouble when you want to uninstall.

The important thing you need to do is sewing hair wefts carefully into available hair cornrows. Don’t sew them too loose or too tight because of hair breakage and hair shedding can happen worse. You had better ask for another help to get the best new hair appearance.

How To Put In Weave Hair Extensions

Method 2: Gluing

This second method is simpler so that they are becoming popular these days. Commonly, you need to wear a wig cap and use glue to stick hair weft on that. If not, you can stick hair wefts on real hair directly but that can make your hair get unexpected damaged when you are careless.

Gluing Hair Weaves

Thus, let’s make sure that you know the way to install them on your hair in the most effective way so as to avoid bad effects afterwards.

4. How long do sew in hair extensions last?

With good care, sew in hair extensions can stay on your head for several months. This method is considered durable and effective so that you can completely feel secure when using it. Time to apply hair weaves can be a bit long but the final result will actually nor make you disappointed.

Wearing Sew In Hair Extensions

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