It is trusted that compound substances may hurt hair as well as the entire body’ wellbeing paying little heed to prompt impacts that they convey to hair. Along these lines, common substances are favored decision to limit the harm to hair and body. By the fixings accessible in the kitchen, you will spare expenses for shampoos or conditioners particular for keeping color hair shading.

The trend of dyed hair is becoming increasingly popular because it not only brings out your favorite hair color but also gives you a more stylish appearance. However, those who have ever dyed their hair found that color is not like the pattern, the hair is dry after being dyed and especially the color of hair is very easy to fade. However, you can take advantage of the food and some items available at home to protect your hair color.

Chrysanthemum tea and honey

the ways of keeping dye color hair 1

If you dye highlight or bleach your hair into yellow or brown, you can use chrysanthemum tea combined with honey to keep the yellow tones shiny.

Method: Make a chrysanthemum tea, add 3 tablespoons of honey and let it cool. Apply this mixture thoroughly to the hair, to soak for 5 minutes and then wash. Essence from chrysanthemum tea will help to brighten yellow hair color. Whereas, honey moisturizes the hair strands, making it look shiny and soft. Chrysanthemum tea and honey are also very mild for the scalp, reducing the feeling of itch and irritation after swimming in the beach or swimming pool.

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Cooking oil

the ways of keeping dye color hair 2

Experts believe that unsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oils form a layer of cover on the hair. It helps to keep the hair shiny, less suffer from hair loss, the more beautiful and longer lasting color.

The mixture is very simple to make: When dyeing your hair, add 1 tablespoon of cooking oil to the dye and mix well and then take steps as usual. Then wash your hair with clean water and dry it. Hair dyed with the dye combining cooking oil is not faded, the color is very beautiful and hair is shinier.

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Grape juice

the ways of keeping dye color hair 3

Grape juices with violet colors are greatly powerful and solid. Violet colors help adjust the yellowish shade of the sunburned hair. In this way, after the days that you endure a great deal of sun introduction and you see your hair appear to be blurred, marginally yellowed. You can utilize the grape juice to flush the hair in the wake of shampooing.

On the off chance that you need to keep the withering shade of your hair excellent amid the sweltering summer, you can blend little grape juice with cleanser when washing your hair.

In this is a few formulas that you should attempt to keep your hair’s color shading excellent and not blurred. You don’t need to go to hair salon for passing on hair once more. Just by some straightforward strides above, you will have the hair with your alluring color.  Let attempt at the present time.



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