It feels really nice anytime we can get an extra day out of our hair without rewashing. When dry shampoo became popular again a few years ago, that enabled so many more women to get an extra day or so out of their style which was a massive victory in the time department. Dry shampoo is great but there are two things that will drastically help you restyle your hair the following day, or even potentially give you the option to do NOTHING more to it. Today we will guide you with some tips to get an extra days with your hairstyle and you can wake up with the best hair hair the next morning.

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Using silky pillow

The first thing you should be aware of is your pillowcase. As you spend about 8 hours tossing and turning all night long, your hair can be damaged if you use an unsuitable pillowcase. The most suggested pillowcase materials are silk and satin. The materials can keep your hair ultra smooth and frizz free. Have you ever woken up with a crimped section of your hair and wondered how in the world it got there? OR had a very strange bend around the root area causing your hair to flip a weird direction? That almost never happens with a silky pillowcase. Honestly, it’s NEVER happened with a silk pillowcase.

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If you are looking for a more budget friendly pillowcase, then you can buy a scarf and wrap it around your pillow. It will do the same to your hair.

Having hair tied or braided when sleeping

Beyond that, sleeping with your hair up in a very loose ponytail will aid in waking up with smooth locks as well. The fabric of the scrunch should be soft, and it should not be tight around your hair to cause a crease. Or you can go for braids if you want sexy waves for the next day. This is super convenient and can save you a lot of time. Instead of spending hours curling your hair in front of the mirror, all you have to do is braiding your hair and go to sleep, wait until the next morning.

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Bedtime haircare routine

The next thing that you should pay attention to is the bedtime haircare routine. It is not necessarily too difficult. Here is how you can do it. Firstly, brush your hair with a wet brush and usually flip it to the opposite side. And right before you go to bed, flip hair over and pull it into the highest ponytail as possible. In the next morning, take it out and your hair will look exactly as the night before. At the same time, if you want to use some dry shampoo on your hair, spray a little bit on the root the night before. That can help absorb oil or dirt while you sleep, then you can just brush through it in the morning!

We hope that these tips will be helpful for you when waking up with the best hair and make your life easier. Also, please check out our website for our Vietnamese hair extensions available with various design and style. These are virgin hair extensions with long lifespan and easy to take care of. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your favorite real hair extensions here.






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