If you get bored with your hair color, just rock it up with different colors. Get cautions, dyeing and bleaching powders absolutely affect your natural tress negatively. Fortunately, you can use hair extensions to solve this problem. To make it more fashionable, let’s try two toned weave from Luxshinehair.

Ombre Weave Luxshinehair

In a nutshell, what is two toned weave?

As far as we can see, the name is self-explanatory. There are 2 different colors in 1 bundle of weave hair extensions. However, some of you may take it wrong about how it looks like. In this case, it’s about ombre weave which is the gradual blending of one color to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark.

Ombre was created in 2000 when the artist Aaliyah had her hair dyed in subtle gradual fade from black at the roots to lighter towards the hair tips.

Aaliyah Ombre Hair

Two toned weave from Luxshinehair

Hair quality

Undoubtedly, human hair extensions is the best hair. However, many vendors use high technology to turn bad hair into the good one. Unlike them, Luxshinehair guarantee to supply you high quality Vietnam Human Hair only. What is special about our products?

  • 100% Vietnam Remy Hair with cuticle aligned
  • No synthetic fibers, unprocessed hair
  • No shedding, no nit/lice
  • Tangle-free, easy to tame the frizz
  • Long-lasting up to 3 years with proper care

About weave hair, Luxshinehair make double weft which lead to no shedding feature. You can cut the track for easy application without worrying about falling hair.

Hair standards

Hair Standards

There are 4 standards for two toned weave that are

  • Single drawn (A)
  • Double drawn type 1 (A+)
  • Double drawn type 2 (A++)
  • Super double drawn (A+++)

The bundles above have the same weight (100g, equivalent to 3.5 oz) but they are different in thickness. The thicker, the higher price. We emphasize that all of them have the same quality from Vietnam Remy hair so that you needn’t worry about the quality.

Hair colors

We have 33 shades from black to brown and blonde. We make ombre weave with any colors in our palette for you. Especially, you can design your own weave by choosing different ratio between two tones. If you have no idea for your hairstyles, let’s read How to Ombre Hair and Beautiful Ombre Hair Color Ideas 2020.

Lengths and textures

Our weave hair extensions are available from 6 inches to 32 inches (or even longer!). Beside straight hair with 3 patterns, we also supply wavy and curly hair with distinguished patterns. To measure the length of these textures, you need to stretch them as below.

how to measure bundles length

Customer service

As one of the leading hair company, Luxshinehair has a big team to support you 24/7. You have different ways to contact us. WhatsApp is the most effective method to get more information. To shop online, you can visit http://luxshinestore.com. Also, Facebook and Instagram are great channels to know more about their products via photos, videos and clients’ reviews.

How to take care of your two toned weave

Healthy hair wash

Hair Wash

It is highly recommended to wash ombre weave 1-2 times a week. If you wash your hair more, it will swept the moisture away When choosing shampoo, you need to caution in ingredients of the products. Sulfate-free and purple shampoo are the best choice to have clean hair as well as color maintenance. Besides, don’t forget to condition your weave hair extensions. As the shampoo, you should choose the condition for color-treated hair so your new shade will last longer.

Deep moisturizer

As far as we all know, shampoo and condition themselves cannot supply enough nutrients to your natural hair and hair extensions. Thus, we need to give some deeper moisturizer. One of the best ways is to have hair mask once a week. You should do the organic one which affects less to your colored hair. There are many recipes from avocado, honey, eggs, etc. You can get reference here.

Protect two toned weave from the heat

Woman Wearing Woven Hat

Heat is absolutely an enemy of your hair. However, without heat, you hardly style your hair perfectly. Afraid of this problem? We will show you how to do your hair with heatless methods. Come back to our point, we also have other natural heat sources such as sunshine, weather, etc. We cannot control them but we can prevent these effects from damaging our tress. The best way is to wear hat and spray heat protectant to your hair.

No one can deny the beauty of two toned weave hair. However, it takes much effort to take care of them because they cannot get nutrients from scalp anymore. If you want to know more about ombre weave hair extensions from Luxshinehair, please visit their website above. Hope you find this post informative and don’t forget to follow our blog for guidelines, hair care tips and the latest hair trends.


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