What hairstyle are you looking for this fall? The weather is cool and it is the best time for letting your hair down and hunting for new hairstyle. The trend of curly hair is increasingly popular with young people but the most attractive hair is beach wave hairstyle. Beach waves look natural and gorgeous. The ultimate cool look – beach wave hair will bring you perfect and trendy hairstyle. Now, let’s discover the most favorite beach wave hairstyle in this fall with Luxshinehair.

Beach Wave

Beach wave for long hair

Beachy long waves are familiar with celebrity styles such as Beyoncé or Selena. This look is perfect because beach wave hairstyles are able to fit all face shapes and brings girls an elegant and sexy appearance at the same time. If you want to change up your tresses, take a look at some ideas of beach wave perms here.

#1: Blue as the ocean

If you want to make a statement with your hair, you might think about blue ombre hair. Blue hair color is not easy to achieve and maintain, but it looks fabulous. One of the most interesting part of blue beach wave is that perfectly loose curls help you achieve summer look instead of going to beach trip. Embrace your hairstyle with blue highlight and make the best impression.

Blue As The Ocean

#2. Blonde beachy hair

Achieve an ocean-inspired look with beach wave hairstyle. Blonde hair mixed with beach waves make you look so gorgeous. This is suitable for cool-tone skin and you can wear dark eye liner to highlight your beautiful hair. Blonde beachy hair is considered an “easy-going” hairstyle because it looks great on most facial structure.

Blonde Beachy Hair

#3: Beach wave with bangs

Girls are always easy to fall in love with beach wave with bangs. A good beach wave can make any kind of hair look effortlessly adorable and pretty. Whether you are on a special event or on holiday, beach wave with bang will enhance your beauty and bring you the most relaxed of hairstyle.

Beach Wave With Bangs

Beach wave for short hair

Loose curls, beach waves and short hair – whether you are a big fan of it or not, this hairstyle never goes out of style. Let’s find out your ideal beach wave below.

#4. Beach wave perms

The best candidate for beach wave perms is girls who has virgin hair. It means that in order to obtain this style, you should have a strong hair. Short beach wave hair is a chin-shoulder length hairstyle. Beach wave perms are excellent way to transform your look. The perm not only adds curls but it also adds fullness and texture into your natural hair.

Beach Wave Perms

#5. Bouncy waves

Are you wondering how to get beach waves? Bouncy beach waves for short hair is one of the best ways to show emphasize your personality and enhance your beauty. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to gain bouncy wave and all you have to do is to curl your hair with spray and enjoy natural look. Believe it or not, beach waves are one of the sexiest style for short hair.

Bouncy Waves

#6. Loose beach waves

What do you think about a head of beautiful highlight? The highlights will make you look outstanding and no one can take their eyes off you. The soft curls look like honey-highlighted waves and blend perfectly with your round face. Make your season become special and full of brightness with loose beach wave.

Loose Beach Waves

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#7. Beach wave with choppy bangs

Choppy bangs are quite popular with girls who are interested in mysterious look. Beach waves hair bring girls a versatile look and can be reached at any length. Choppy bangs mixed with this long layered lob is a perfect option for wave hairstyle. Let’s style your hair with deeply waved strands and your dream of an elegant hairstyle will become true.

Beach Wave With Choppy Bangs

How to get beach waves?

The secret behind luxurious beach waves is the tools to get them. There are several ways to gain beach wave such as using spray or curling your hair. If you don’t have much time and are keen on simple method, beach wave spray will be your excellent option. Give your hair a few quick sprays before you drying to protect your gorgeous hair from heat because this process can damage your hair. Sea salt spray is the best option to achieve chill out look.

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