When you finding for a hair wig, apart from the criteria of quality and quantity, its color is also a thing that is taken noticed the most. There are millions of colors that you can dye your hair but almost of them only give the difference but not give the naturalness. That can make you feel less self- confident when facing others. Today, let’s discover beautiful and natural colors for hair via images of hair wigs!

1. Black wig

Black is essentially the most natural and popular shade of hair but they are never out of fashion. No matter whether you are a soft women or a rebellious gal, black wig color can completely make you look gorgeous. Because the hair wig has the real color, it looks strong and nice.

By choosing wigs instead of having other types of hair extensions, you can have hair with any style you want such as comb backed hair, side part hair, middle part hair, hair with bangs, etc. Your hair will look more real and natural than ever.

Black Wig

2. Ginger wig

Having a red wig is really not a bad idea when you want to have a new perfect hairstyle. People having original real hair or ginger hair color are very rare but they are really outstanding. Ginger hair shade is radiant but it is always the top choice thanks to its personality.

There are a lot of celebrities have used red wigs and got great comments from their fans. Obviously, these hair wigs go viral quickly and become popular with women all over the world. Especially when you are not lucky with fine and thin hair, wearing a ginger wig both give a thicker hair appearance and give an energetic style for your own.

Ginger Wig

3. Silver wig

Many people say that silver hairstyles make us look older but this is really a wrong prejudice. When you choose a silver style, that means you want to be more mature and charming.

However, to have this hair shade, you will have to bleach and dye hair for many times. That can make your hair get unexpected damage, even hair loss. Thus, using a silver wig is the ideal selection. To have a natural style, it is necessary for you to buy real human hair extensions from prestigious brands. They will actually not make you disappointed.

Silver Wig

4. Blonde wig

There will be a very big mistake if we don’t talk about blonde wigs here. It is clear that no girl can resist the beauty of blonde hair. No matter which shade of blonde you choose is, the style with it is always bright and attractive.

These days, kinds of blonde wig are very popular and diverse. I can choose any style you want comfortably. If you like having a bit differences, wearing wig with honey blonde, rose gold blonde or light blonde is perfect. Not only these shades embellish your face tone very well but also give eye- catching hair images. Besides, you can choose platinum blonde to attract others’ attention right  at the first time. This will actually a great style for girls loving the strong creativeness and personality.

Blonde Wig

5. Brown wig

Wigs with brown colors are always on trend because they are soft and suitable with many different kinds of skin tone as well as face shape. A brown wig is considered the most beautiful when hair is long with hair waves or hair curls. That makes women look nobler and more charming. Of course, if you love the simpleness or the gentleness, having brown wig with straight texture is also great.

Brown Wig

6. Ombre wig

If hair with a solid color is not impressive enough to you, why don’t you try using an ombre wig? The part of hair roots is dyed with a dark tone while the rest is an outstanding light color. The contrast between the two colors makes the clear impression that takes every people by surprise.

Ombre Wig

Which wig color do you love the most among these suggestions? How will you look when wearing them? Let’s try them now!

You can buy these hair extensions at Luxshinehair for the most  beautiful image and the best quality. This is a famous and prestigious brand importing and exporting real human hair extensions from Vietnam so that you can completely feel secure about their hair products.

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