When buying hair extensions, the length of hair is one of things that we care the most. Hair with each different length size will give a different image that helps your appearance become more attractive. Thanks to that advantage, you don’t need to raise your real hair for years to have your favorite hair length. Right now, let’s discover the impressive hair length chart of hair extensions and choose the one you like!

Hair Length

1. Things you need to know to define the proper length size

A lot of people have got the mistake because they haven’t bought hair extensions with the length size that they expect. The main cause is their misunderstanding about how to measure the length of hair extensions.

Because the hair length is defined when hair is maximally stretched, different hair textures with the same length can look not equal. For example, 20 inch straight hair will look longer than 20 inch wavy or curly hair.

Commonly, the seller will explain for you about this definition but you still had better know of it clearly to avoid having pity mistakes.

Hair Length Definition

2. Impressive hair length chart

When you buy real human hair extensions, hair can not have the unlimited length size like that of synthetic hair products in the hair market. However, it is always natural and safe for your real hair as well as for your health.

To meet the demand of customers all over the world, hair sources are all selected from trustworthy hair donors to make sure that hair is beautiful and strong with the various length. Hair extensions are popular with impressive length sizes from 6 inches to 32 inches.

Short hair

Hairs with length sizes of 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches are considered short. They can be suitable for you to make active short hairstyles such as pixie hair, chin length hair or shoulder length hair. The simpler the hair texture is, the longer hair extensions’ length size is.

When buying short hair extensions, customers especially women take notice in adding volume and style for their hair rather than adding the hair length. Anyway, hair with this length is extremely loved by women at every age group to have new appearances which are younger and more creative.

Short Hair

Medium length hair

Hair extensions with the medium length size is measured from about 14 inch hair to 22 inch hair. They are popular sizes of women hair nowadays. Hair strands are not too long but not too short so that you can freely make any style you want.

  • 14 inch and 16 inch hair extensions give length sizes which are a bit over your shoulders when you use hair wig. In case that you use other types of hair extensions, hair can look longer.
  • Similarly, wearing hair extensions with 18 inches and 20 inches helps your hair to have the impressive length which can reach to the middle part of your back.
  • 22 inch hair is a bit longer. It can transform your own very short hair into a new impressive hairstyle. Hair can even reach your rib when you apply different hair extensions at ideal positions.

Medium Length Hair

Long hair

For women who love the softness or impressiveness, having long hairstyles with hair extensions is really a good idea. Hair extensions made from real human hair can have the very long length size that can take you by surprise.

  • 24 inch hair can reach over your rib, even your waist if you are not too tall.
  • With 26 inch or 28 inch hair extensions, the hair length can be over your hip.
  • 30 inch and 32 inch hair are very long hair extensions. If you wear a hair wig with natural straight texture, your new hair can reach over your behind. Other styled hair textures can be a bit shorter but their length is still very impressive.

Long Hair

Your hair can look longer with weave hair, clip in hair, tape hair rather than hair wig. They are both convenient and effective. Besides, if you want to try using new types of hair extension with unique length sizes, you can find for bulk hair, keratin hair, lace closure, lace frontal, ponytail hair, etc. All of them can meet your demand of the hair length so that let’s choose the one you feel comfortable the most.

You can visit Luxshinehair to discover more about the hair length chart as well as to order high quality hair extensions with your favorite hair length size and hair texture.


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