Talking about one of the most famous American singers nowadays, we definitely can’t ignore the name Katy Perry, right? With the endowed voice and sexy body, Katy is quickly welcomed by the public. The more she is famous, the more she needs to care for her appearance. Each time appearing in public is a time Katy Perry takes all other people by surprise because of her new hair. In this article, let’s together with Luxshinehair discover the most outstanding of Katy Perry haircut!

Katy Perry Haircut

1. Short shaggy bob

When Katy was a young 18- year old girls, she often had shortcut with her natural hair color. Short shaggy bob was exactly the hairstyle that she chose those days. Her hair is essentially cut into a common bob style. However, she created it with impressive shaggy hair. Messy locks with short length size and black hair color made her hair look extremely natural and eye- catching. Katy also chose to keep wispy bangs which were soft but outstanding on her short hair. Thanks to that, her face looked not too long and unbalanced.

Katy Perry owns a pair of beautiful eyes and white skin tone so that this haircut and haircolor makes her appearance become very bright and lovely.

Short Shaggy Bob

2. Pixie hair

Being a singer who always appears with active and rebellious images, Katy never minds having impressive pixie haircuts. She’s had pixie hair for many times with different styles so as to make the masses surprised.

For some typical examples, at 2018 Met Gala, Katy was in a warrior portray with the unique blonde fawx hawk pixie haircut. This Katy Perry haircut 2018 was highly appreciated by pros. Her hair was tone sur tone with her clothes and the image that it brought to is very strong and full of personality.

Blonde Fawx Hawk Pixie

In American Idol TV series in recent seasons, Katy Perry also often appeared with pixie hair. She had outstanding platinum blonde pixie hair with creative makeup style. Combining with impressive outfits, the merely female judge of this famous TV series looked more and more charming and powerful!

platinum blonde pixie hair

Besides, Katy Perry also had pixie haircut with various haircolor that not every people can apply such as green pixie hair, purple pixie chop, blue pixie, etc. Anyways, they made her appearance become more attractive than ever.

Purple Pixie

3. Side shaved short hair

Apart from common pixie hairstyles, Katy Perry also liked changing this short haircut with more impressive hairstyles like side shaved short hair. She had hair which is deep sided part and shaved on a side. This styles made her become so active and outstanding. The other part is dyed with the bright light blonde color. Of course, it is sprayed to make the outstanding and fixed style.

She was still loyal to the impressive makeup style with thick eye-liners, nude lipstick and twinkle accessories. Although this was a rebellious style, it still gave her sweet and charming images. Especially, her bright smile and cute gesture made her look more and more beautiful and attractive than ever.

Side Shaved Short Hair

4. Straight bob

Katy Perry had many hairstyles with straight bob. This haircut can be considered one of the most suitable haircuts with Katy’s face. On May 2017, she appeared with a bright appearance with the unique long straight bob style and impressive platinum blonde color. With the advantage of withe skin tone, this short haircut actually made her face look bright and harmonious. Instead of having common middle part style, she had side part hair which made more enchanting images.

Straight Bob Hair

In another situation, Katy had curved straight bob hair with dark brown color. It didn’t matter if she kept this haircut with bangs or without bangs, Katy still looked very beautiful and natural. With this hair color for straight bob, her appearance became much softer and lovelier.

Straight Bob With Bangs

Sometimes, she had this haircut with more outstanding colors like light brown, blue or pink. Anyways, she could manage well with every style and make it become the most impressive style at events that she took part in.

Blue Straight Bob

5. Wavy bob

It will be a huge short coming if we don’t talk about wavy bob haircuts. Styles with wavy bob is never out of fashion because it looks very beautiful, natural and outstanding. Seeing the picture of this Katy Perry new haircut in American Idol, the natural wavy bob style makes her appearance look very elegant and charming. Light blonde hair hue is very bright, side part style is outstanding and short hair waves are soft and natural. It is so amazing, right?

Wavy Bob

Furthermore, Katy also has a lot of different styles of wavy bob such as black loose wavy shoulder length hair, retro wavy hair or layered wavy short hair, etc. Each style of wavy short bob hair is creative and eye- catching. Thus, you only need to define the suitable style with the event you take part in and then apply these wavy bob styles, you will actually have impressive style like Katy Perry’s.

Retro Wavy Bob

We hope that these impressive styles of Katy Perry haircut will be useful for you to make your coming haircuts. Don’t worry if you only has thin and weak hair, Luxshinehair can help you have perfect images like Katy’s thanks to our high quality hair extensions. Let’s visit our website right in this day to get the best products in the soonest time.

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