Many women think that hair care methods for all types of hair is the same, but actually each hair type (dry hair, oily hair), hair length (short hair, medium hair, long hair) and each hair texture (straight, wavy, curly) requires a different caring. So how to take care of wavy hair properly?

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For those who want to keep your wavy hair heathy and shiny for a long time should follow these tips:

1. Use moisturing spray before brushing the hair

Before combing your hair, make sure that you always apply a leave-in conditioner because it helps you comb throughout your hair easily. Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots so that you won’t have crazy tangles or damage your hair.

2. Control the amount of shampoo

Have you ever wondered how much shampoo you should actually use for your wavy hair? So, try this way! Divide your hair into two sections; take your finger to wrap around the section and just whatever size that your fingers have created is the suitable amount of shampoo that you should be putting in your hair.

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3. Do not wash the hair too often

With wavy hair, it is actually a necessity to not shampoo your hair all the time because it can cause your hair dry and break your curls. Instead of shampooing, you should condition your hair to help moisture the hair and keep the hair smooth.

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4. Use a diffuser to dry the hair

When drying the hair, take a diffuser attachment to diffuse the air so that it is not blowing out in a straight line. Put it on low heat, low speed and alternate with the warm in the cool air. Start from the ends, push the diffuser into your hair, just hold it for a few seconds and move it around your hair until all of your hair is dry. If you want a little bit of extra volume, you can flip your hair upside down.

5. Apply deep conditioning

Deep conditioning your hair should definitely be a priority and you should do this about once a week. You can use hair masks made from natural ingredients like coconut oil. After applying the mask on your hair, tie the hair up and put it in a cute shower cap, keeping for around 30 minutes, then rinse out with cold water so that your hair is moisture and the cuticles is closed.

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6. Wash out all shampoo and conditioner

To help your wavy hair healthy, make sure that you wash out all shampoo and conditioner after shampooing. Only use the tips of your fingers (not the nails) or the palms to massage your hair and your scalp.

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