Black hair is beautiful, whether it is natural. The most important thing for healthy, beautiful hair is moisture and gentle treatment. Without the above things, black hair can become dry and brittle before. Caring for black hair takes a little time, but the hair will be soft, silky, and healthy results are worth it. And today, apart from supply human hair extension, Luxshinehair will bring you some way about caring the curly black hair.

  1. Wash the hair

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Normally, you should wash your hair 2-3 times every week. You should choose the shampoo that suitable with your hair. But when you wash the hair each day; your hair will strip it of its moisture. That makes your hair become dry and brittle than. If you don’t find the suitable for your hair, you should use the shampoo and conditioner with low PH concentration. Or you can mix 50% water with 50% shampoo to wash the hair.

When in the shower, avoid standing directly under the water flow. This will help avoid flattening the curls. Try to wash your hair flipped upside down or to the side so it’s easy to wash. Apply a sulfate-free, paraben –free shampoo at the roots and work down the hair. A very important step: massage the scalp, and comb through your hair using your fingers to stimulate hair growth.

  1. Apply hair conditioner

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Apply conditioner liberally, working from the ends of the hair, and detangling up to the roots. It will help moisturize your hair, and keep it in style. And especially great for natural curls, as it keeps the hair less frizzy, more defined, and better moisturized. You can help increase the moisture in with a natural oil of your choice. With conditioner hair, your hair will become more smooth and soft.

  1. Apply gel on wet curly

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With hair very wet, apply a generous amount of gel to palms. Smooth the gel gently over the side of your hair, the scrunch up toward the roots from the tips. Regular towels will create frizz. Instead, opt for a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt to gently scrunch upward.

  1. Not use hair-dryer

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For curly hair, do not dry your hair as it will result in dryness and hair loss and loss of folds and straightening of the hair, so it is best to let the hair dry naturally to keep the hair in order to keep the curl.

  1. Hair cut regularly

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For curly hair is always beautiful, you should regularly trim parts dry hair and split ends. Even with busy schedules, you should also regularly pruned to remove bad hair pieces. And cutting hair is also a way to take care of your curly hair extension.

  1. Comb correctly

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Do not skip the step by combing your hair properly in curly hair care. The first is to choose the right comb, absolutely do not comb teeth comb the curly hair with a tooth comb sparse to avoid loosening the lock. The smaller the curls, the smaller the curl should be.

Use the hands to remove the hairs first and then remove the comb, bring the hair into the folds, and absolutely do not comb the hair when wet.

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