The concept of Silk base is not too strange with almost women who use hair extensions. It gives your hair appearance look more natural and softer. Have you known about it thoroughly? If not, let’s discover all things about silk base hair right here below!

What is silk base?

The Silk base or Silk top is constructed with a layer of lace and pure silk fabric on the top of the cap. The knots of the hairs are hand-sewn under the silk base, so the knots are concealed between the layers. This technique of injecting the hairs through the silk to conceal them, provides the illusion that the hair is coming from your own scalp when you wear it, making the knots 100% invisible.

Silk Base Hair

Differences between silk base and lace piece

Many people think that hair extensions made with silk base and lace piece are similar but they are completely different. Even so, you can only see differences when you see them directly.

Because the silk base is made from 2 special lace pieces, hair knots will be hidden better. Thanks to the silk base layer, hairs look more real and natural. In addition, the silk material is mild so it gives the suitable feeling when using.

Whereas, the normal lace piece has only one layer and holes to sew hairs in are relatively big. Thus, the lace often looks not real. You can fell embarrassed if traces of the lace piece are seen by others, right?

Silk Base And Lace Base

Because differences between both kinds are not too big, you can use anyone you like. Moreover, colors of the lace are also made so as to fit skin and scalp colors of people and give the best result.

The important thing is that you have to choose good and trustworthy hair sources. Thanks to that, you can have a new hair apperance which is both nice and protective. You can visit Luxshinehair to have the best hair extensions from the best hair sources in Vietnam. Not only silk base hair but also all other types such as bulk hair, weave hair, clip in hair, etc are beautiful and high quality. They will actually not make customers feel disappointed.

Luxshinehair Extensions

Benefits when having silk base hair

Versatile styles

Silk base is often used to make silk base frontal closures, silk base closure or silk base wig so that we can see many styles of hair with it. You can get silk base with middle part hairstyle, side part hairstyle, free part hairstyle or any other style you want to order.

Versatile Styles

Natural scalp

Colors of silk base are also suitable with people’s skin so as to give the most natural result. For example, Caucasian women often like using it with white color because it look bright and suitable with their skin tone. Whereas, its shades of brown or dark colors are popular with African American women. Moreover, they give soft and natural images like the figure of people’s scalp.

Natural Scalp

Soft effects

Because this kind of hair extensions are designed with 2 special layers, not only it looks natural but also gives soft effects on your scalp. Using silk base is also considered a good method to protect scalp effectively.

It helps to prevent bad impacts such as pollution, dirt, lice, etc on hair and scalp. Thanks to that, problems of itch or allergy are also minimized. You will meet less trouble in taking care of hair and hair extensions. Obviously, you will always have comfortable feelings.

Soft Effects

Diverse hair look

As we have mentioned, silk base are used to make closure, frontal and wig so that they can give wonderful images when having hairs on. Hair strands are sewn in the base regularly and firmly so that we almost can’t see traces of the silk base when it is applied on head.

The thing you need to do is choosing a style of hair that you want to make your appearance become more outstanding than ever. You can find for straight hair extensions to have gentle and mature images. Whereas, wavy hair extentions or curly hair extensions can give younger and more charming images with unique hair locks.

Diverse Hair Look

If you are finding for hair extensions which are both safe and eye-catching, don’t ignore choices with silk base. For more useful information of hair, please visit our site more!

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