When you own short hair that cannot do too much hairstyle, accessories are always best choice and feminine option. All these accessories can make with any length like short hair, long hair, shoulder length hair , but I chose ones that I felt suitably especially for with shoulder length hair — accessories that weren’t out of date, and that added a beautiful elegance. With having a big event or party, should keep these accessories in mind when you’re shopping for your sisters or friends for short hair, the Vietnam hair extension will be more and more attractive.

Sweet-N-Sparkly Barette With Faceted Gemstones

This is a little clip that any girls want to attach in their hair to make the beautiful and sexy. Not only is it the perfect size, but it adds so much personality. This clip is a highlight for the hair, make hair bright and double drawn than normal. It is made of stone and is made up of many colors and textures into a flower and makes the hair more prominent.

the shoulder length hair 1

Kerchief Headwrap

Kerchief Headwrap – amazing knot that you should know to apply for your hair when you need to go out. It would be perfect for short hair because of thinner than most head wraps and it is made with a hidden wire, it is super easy to create your perfect hair with headwrap. With the soft wire, you can make any style to create a beautiful shape that suitable with your face. With the sweet little scarf, you look very lovely with a nice dress.

the shoulder length hair 2


Turban is the best accessory that uses most for short hair and long hair. You can use turban like headwrap but turban you can use when you put into straight hair or wavy hair as well as curly hair. Another way, you can use for bun hair also. You will be cute when apply turban in your hair. With the soft turban, you will make any style that you need.

the shoulder length hair 3

Hair clip

Another kind of nice accessories for girls is hair clip. For a slightly more womanliness look a little bit that receives several of admiration, clip is the best choice when you are thinking. It is depend on color hair to choose color for clip in hair suitably. If you have a blonde hair, you can use black clip to make the clip more attractively than. Moreover, you can break the natural hair with some color or texture that you want.

the shoulder length hair 4


You will be amazing in these super gorgeous silk flower hair attached. It is creating a big flowers with these small stone, would be so pretty, and they’re a great size and neutral color. You can use it with a pink dress, it make you are more beautiful and pretty.

the shoulder length hair 5

Here are some accessories that can use with shoulder length hair when you having a meeting or going out, it makes you more and more fabulous.  Apart from supplying information of human hair, our company, Luxshinehair – we also supply many impressive of hair care and hairstyles for your various demands. We will bring to you the best hair and always make you become beautiful.





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