Girls with hair dyed ussually have to deal with grown-out hair roots which show the contrast colors of the new and the old part. If you have heard about shadow root hair, you could imagine that it will create a gradual color transition. There will be no need to go to a salon too frequently just to dye your hair roots every few weeks. You are going to know why you should try shadow root at home.

Shadow roots

What is shadow root hair?

Roots shadowing is a hair color technique which applies a darker shade on the roots, giving a gradual color transition. Grown-out roots, therefore, will no longer be awkward but look even more fashionable. It is not simply a trick to hide the hair dye’s side effects but becomes a fashion trend.

Dark brown shadow

Hair roots shadowing requires low maintenance and is a good way to refresh your look, enhancing your hair color depth and dimension. We could often see shadow roots with balayage highlights combining various shades of color.

Is shadow root at home right for you?

Platinum with purple shadow

First of all, shadow root save you money and time. You do not have to daily observe your hair roots with their non – stop growth. Therefore, we could say that shadow root hair is an economical styles for all of them because of its low maintenance. Now your hair beauty will depend on a salon no more.

With your hair roots growing every day, your hair should look even cuter as there appears one more new color. Shadow roots could make your life not only easier but also more beautiful. Your hair shades shall be contributed from light, darker to darker shade for example, giving fresh vibes and naturalness to your image.

The style works well with any hair length. Furthermore, it helps protect your health, especially your scalp as it prevents regular dye on your roots.

If you want to grow out your natural hair with its original color to a desired length, it should definitely take time. During the wait, you do not want to see a sudden color change on consecutive parts, then shadow root is perfect for you.

Can You Root Shadow Yourself At Home?

gray bob with darkened roots

We recommend you to do it yourself at home since it is quite simple and quick. You could give it a check to those steps below to make your own decision.

What to prepare?

A comb, a brush, a bowl, plastic bag, hair dye, shampoo and conditioner.

You are suggested to choose the dye color which is close to your natural hair color for the general purpose of shadow roots.

How to do it?

Step 1:

Divide your strands into 4 even segments consecutively from the left ear to the right ear. You could use the pointed end of the comb to do it.

Step 2:

Use the flat side of the comb to apply the dye for your roots.

Important act: Drag the brush’s edge further down not to make an awkwardly clear line of demarcation.

When there is not much dye left on the brush, you drag it down a little farther to blur the colors boundary.

Step 3:

When you finish dyeing your shadow roots, wrap your head with a plastic bag. It will traps the heat and speed up the process. Let it still for 20 minutes then wash it out with gentle shampoo and conditioner.

Proper care for your hair after that

Navy blu to sky blue

After you finish your shadow root at home, you need to take a good care of it to prevent color fading or breakage.

Now your hair is multi-colored hence it really need to be nourished from roots to ends for a healthy and shiny look. You do not want the colors chain to fade away neither. Therefore, you will need to choose proper shampoo and conditioners which are designed for dyed hair. Those products should be great for color-treated hair and will provide color and UV protection as well as enhancing your hair’s shine.

In case your hair is not thick and beautiful enough for this style or you do not spend time dyeing your hair, you could think of Ombre bundles and closure for your hair extensions.

With this article, we hope to help you ready for a new amazing look. Shadow root at home is perfect for busy women. It is also a smart choice of many famous celebrities in the world. Do not skip more interesting news at this website as we work every day to help beautify this life.

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