If you are finding solutions to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth, then you should be notified that scalp massage has been used throughout history by many different cultures as part of every hair loss regime. One of the biggest benefits of scalp massage to increase blood flow to nourish the follicle with oxygen and nutrients.

It sounds hard to imagine how scalp massages affect your hair loss and hair growth. Hence, it is time for us to have a discussion now.

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Effects of Scalp Massages on Your Scalp

First of all, massages are a great way to relax your physical and mental health since they help release anxiety and stress that are known as causes of hair loss.

Secondly, massaging your scalp on a daily basis could reduce hair fall and help regrow your hair. With a few minutes of scalp massage each day, you may see more voluminous hair after a few weeks or a few months.

As you may know, Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that causes hair fall in patches or sometimes on the whole head. Regular scalp massage could help regrow hair of people who have Alopecia effectively.

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How To Massage Scalp?

1. Just Using Your Fingers

This method of scalp massages has been so popular to promote hair growth for years. This is how you will massage your scalp using fingertips:

Massage your scalp in circular motions with your fingers using light to medium pressure.

Make sure that you do not skip any area on your entire scalp.

Do this for about 5 minutes, 3 to 4 times per day.

You can ask somebody else for a helping hand. You could even visit a licensed massage therapist for a specific guide for your own hair loss state.

2. Massage While You Shampoo Your Hair

This method is to give a scalp massage by softly rubbing-in your shampoo while washing your hair.

How to do it in the right way?            

Rub your scalp with your shampoo following circular motions for about 5 minutes. Do not scrub hard but just use light to medium pressure.

Rinse the hair all out when you are done.

3. Massage with a specialized brush

scalp massage brush

Some specialized tools are designed for an effective and soothing head massage. We suggest you use electric brushes, scalp massagers, and other tools for the best result. These tools will work across your scalp the way you do with your fingertips but in a more professional way.

4. Massage your scalp with Oils

Essential oils extracted from plants are known to support hair growth, manage sebum production and reduce dandruff. They have been used for years to solve hair and scalp issues. You can massage your scalp with essential oils easily at home.

How to use essential oils to massage your scalp?

Mix your essential oil with a carrier oil (coconut, jojoba or others).

Warm the mixture and use your fingers to apply to the scalp.

Softly rub-in the mixture on your head in circular motions.

Leave on your scalp for 30 minutes to 1 hour then rinse the shampoo out.

Note: Essential oils can be strong hence they should always be diluted in a carrier oil. If you have a sensitive scalp, you had better do a test on your arm before applying to your scalp.

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How Often Should You Massage Your Scalp?

It depends a lot on the purpose of massaging your scalp. If you want scalp massage for relaxation or to release stress, you can just do it whenever you like. On the other hand, if you want to improve your hair growth and volume, you are recommended to massage your scalp 1 to 3 times per day.

What happens if you massage your scalp every day?

Scalp massage on a daily basis will help enhance blood circulation and strengthen your follicles. Make sure you do it gently without sharp nails to avoid scalp damage and hair breakage.

In case you use an oil while massaging your scalp, make sure you rinse it all out within an hour. Oiling your scalp every day is not recommended at all as it attracts dirt and product accumulation. Also, using shampoo to rinse the oil is important since oil will not go with just water. However, shampooing every day can remove necessary natural oils and moisture from your scalp. Therefore, twice a week would be an ideal frequency for massaging your scalp with essential oils.

There also other ways to promote hair growth at that you should take a look.        

In conclusion, regular scalp massage can aid-in hair regrowth, relieve stress, and even treat alopecia. It is the basis for treating hair loss and other hair and scalp issues.


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