Ruby Rose Langenheim is well known for an Australian multi- talented celebrity. She has got successes in many different roles as a model, DJ, recording artist, actress, television presenter, boxer and also MTV VJ. Not only is Ruby Rose an active woman but she is also outstanding for her cool style and appearance. In this article, Luxshinehair would like to show you all about Ruby Rose hair as one of the clearest ways to display her specific personality.

Ruby Rose Hair

1. Ruby Rose short hair

No one can deny that Ruby Rose looks the most beautiful when she keeps short hair. With advantages of having an ideal body and a soulful face, short haircuts help her appearance become very cool and charming. Not believe? Let’s check them out together with us immediately!

Half shaved silver finger wave hair

Let’s start with this dazzling short hairstyle! She has an outstanding half shaved short haircut which is dyed with the shade of silver hair color. Ruby Rose’s skin is essentially white and strong so that when she has this style, the silver tone completely does not make her face become darker. In contrast, it extremely fits her charming face.

Adding on a side of short hair with soft finger waves, this short haircut becomes so natural and eye- catching. Let’s look on her smile, how can she look so beautiful like that while having a menstyle? She is so wonderful!

Half Shaved Silver Finger Wave Hair

Side part straight short hair

This short hairstyle is often used by Ruby Rose because it both shows her active characteristic and attracts other’s attention right at the first sight. She has this style with soft dark brown color or natural black tone instead of having radiant colors. It is really a wise way to show off her favorite mature and cool images.

Because of having side part style, a side of hair will kept in the longer length size. That part of hair will partly cover an eye of her but the effect it brings to is really wonderful. Combining with menswear style, we bet that a lot of men will have to be jealous for her handsome look.

Side Part Straight Short Hair

Sometimes, she also want to change her polite appearance with a more rebellious style. Thus, having side part hair with pink color is really an interesting idea. Of course, she still loves menswear style but instead of keeping a mature image, she changes with an active style. Her pink hair really goes well with this style.

Pink Hair

Short emo cut

This style has ever been very popular and trendy because of its fresh image. The part of bangs is the most special thing of this style. Ruby Rose has emo bangs which look shaggy but impressive. They give feelings which are very enchanting and young but still very soft and feminine. Combining with active short haircut and soft makeup style, she becomes dull of charm.

Short Emo Cut

Fawx hawk hair

Being a woman who extremely loves menstyle, she obviously can’t ignore impressive fawx hawk short hairstyles. Instead of having elegant long haircuts as normal girls do, Ruby Rose looks actually charming with creative fawx hawk hairstyles.

Ruby often has black fawx hawk hair for events with full of audiences because this style is mature and never out of fashion. In addition, it is not too rebellious and rebellious but very manly that impressive enough to make other people have to take notice on her.

Black Fawx Hawk Hair 

Instead, when she appears on magazines or on occasions which admit displaying her own personality, Ruby Rose often has impressive styles with fawx hawk hair. She never minds standing in the sunlight with her own unique fawx hawk hairstyle. Her hair still has black base but it is dyed with creative lowlights such as blue and purple colors.

Fawx Hawk Hair With Lowlights

For more outstanding images, dyeing hair with grey or platinum blonde color is really attractive. She looks so stylish and trendy, doesn’t she?

Platinum Blonde Fawx Hawk Hair

Not only does she have fawx hawk hair with straight texture but she also create this style with other impressive hair textures. Curly hair is exactly one of them. She has bouncy hair curls which are added some red highlights for more eye- catching image. With this gesture, she looks like a rich and successful young handsome man. That is so unbelievable!

Fawx Hawk Curly Short Hair

Slick combed back hair

We make sure that many people will have to agree with us that Ruby Rose’s appearance still has something extremely beautiful and attractive even when she has styles of men. Combed back short hairstyle is not too strange with women who love strong and active styles but when it is on Ruby Rose’s face, it looks much more impressive.

She has this style with blonde hair. Sometimes, it is with brown or black hair color. However, only when she combs back hair and makes it sleek from hair moisturizing products or hair sprays with the outstanding honey blonde color does she look graceful and charming. In addition, Ruby Rose has bright smile and soulful eyes which make other people desire.

Slick Combed Back Short Hair

Wavy short cut

Ruby Rose rarely keeps hair waves for short hair because they can make her men style partly be effected. However, this style is actually worth mentioning. Hair waves are specially styled so as not to make her appearance look too soft and gentle. On the contrary, her hair gives something wild and vagabond which is enough to make her cool style become outstanding and impressive than ever.

Wavy Short Cut

Pixie cut with layered bangs

It will be a big mistake if we don’t talk about pixie style with layered bangs. This is the style that almost girls who love short hair have ever tried. Pixie hair is short and comfortable while layered bangs give something very fresh and eye- catching.

Ruby Rose is also careful when choosing colors for this style. Commonly, black pixie hair with layered bangs will be very difficult to be outstanding. Thus, she chooses to have dark brown hair with blonde highlights. The perfect contrast between colors will make hair layers become much more impressive. Combining with her available cool style, her appearance look so gorgeous!

Pixie Cut With Layered Bangs

Short hair with long bangs

Let’s see another short hairstyle of Ruby Rose with bangs. This time, it is not a common fringe haircut, it is unique long bangs. Hair is sided part like the above- mentioned side part straight short haircut. However, the part of bangs is longer and a little bit wavy on ends.

With this short hairstyle, her face won’t look too rough and masculine. In contrast, it embellishes her golden- ratio face as well as the graceful gesture that only the supermodel Ruby Rose has. Short Hair With Long Bangs

Unique undercuts

These days, undercut hairstyles have not been too strange with womankind. Active and rebellious women often like trying new styles and undercuts are things they are finding. Although these styles are essentially for men, it doesn’t mean that women can’t make styles with them. Especially women who love menswear style, undercut hair really attracts them.

Ruby Rose has a lot of advantages to be suitable with this style. She is tall, beautiful and strong. In addition, tattoos make her appearance become much more masculine and charming. There is no reason that Ruby Rose can’t have undercut. Her undercut with side part hair is really outstanding and unique. She also uses hairsprays to make hair look sleeker and smoother. That is a great idea!

Unique Undercut

Apart from that undercut style, she has also tried making badass undercut. This style looks neatly but much more eye- catching, right? Her hair is shaved and made style with clear hairlines, Moreover, brown highlights on her natural black hair is  also very impressive. Her face looks so handsome and bright with this styles, doesn’t it?

Badass Undercut

Bowl cut

Let’s see! She still wears a sexy and charming dress but what is on her hair and her face? She has a bowl cut which is combined with the stranger and cooler style than ever. You must have seen many ridiculous images of women with bowl cut, right? Bowl cut can help you to have a short style which is more impressive than the others but it can also make you become a stupid clown if it is not suitable with your face. Fortunately, Ruby Rose is one of rarely women who can look gorgeous with this style. She looks so cool with blonde- brown bowl cut!

Bowl Cut

Braids on short hair

Who says that braid hair can only make women’s image become soft and gentle? Hair braids on short hair can make women look extremely manly and rebellious. Let’s see these styles on Ruby Rose’s hair! She braids her side part hair into a more eye- catching style than ever.

Braids On Short Hair

Dyeing braided parts with outstanding colors are also highly appreciated. How can we describe her with this picture? She looks more like a strong prince than a lovely princess with braided hair!

Braids On Short Hair

2. Ruby Rose long and medium length hair

Ruby Rose’s images are always attached with unique short hairstyles so that when she keeps long hair or medium length hair, many people including her fans can’t recognize her because she looks too different and strange. Are you curious of those styles? Let’s look on them right now!

Messy layered shoulder length hair

There are too colors that Ruby Rose often have with long or medium hair styles. They are blonde hair and black hair. Obviously, these hair tones are too popular but they are never out of fashion. When she has blonde hair with shoulder length hair layers, she looks very energetic and comfortable. Side part bangs with soft hair waves also make her appearance become better.

Messy Wavy Shoulder Length Hair

Ruby Rose has also had this style but with black hair. There are some purple babylights on her hair so as to be suitable with her outfits. Black and purple are essentially the two softest and most natural colors. Thus, when they are combined with layered hair waves, the result is so great!

She looks so soft and lovely with this style, right. It is completely different from her rebellious images with short hair. However, it also gives something new and special for this gal, doesn’t it?

Black Layered Shoulder Length Hair

Black straight hair with blunt bangs

In the past, Ruby Rose had ever had black straight hair with unique blunt bangs. Although length size of hair is not too outstanding. It is only longer than her shoulders a bit but its texture is really impressive.

Black straight hair is natural and simple. Thus, she combines it with thick blunt bangs. They are curved a bit to look more voluminous and sleeker. This style make her face become much younger and cuter.

Black Straight Hair With Blunt Bangs

Blonde wavy long hair

People say that blonde hair girls are often girls who is extremely beautiful and charming. Definitely! Ruby Rose blonde hair is so wonderful! Bright blonde hair color fits soft loose hair waves perfectly. Not only this combination makes her hair become more outstanding but also it makes her thin hair look thicker and much more stunning.

If you feel that images of Ruby Rose short hair are too rough, this Ruby Rose long hair style will actually make you satisfied. Her appearance is very beautiful and feminine. Of course, it still has something strong and dynamic in this multi- talented women.

Blonde Wavy Long Hair

Side twisted long hair

At 26th Annual Aria Awards 2012, Ruby Rose took all other people by surprise with her unique long hairdo. She had tied long hair with impressive side twisted style. Her hair was dyed with natural bright blonde. She kept it with side part bangs so as to hide a part of her forehead as well as make her face look more eye- catching.

The other side of hair is twisted in shapes of hair ropes. They were very clear and creative. Why? Commonly, women had side braids because they can fix on hair better. However, Ruby Rose chose to have side twists. They were strange and a little bit messy. She had to take care this style very softly. Anyways, the beauty and attraction that they brought to her appearance were completely worthy.

Side Braided Long Hair

How do you think about these styles of Ruby Rose hair? We make sure that they will be wonderful suggestions for women who love active and rebellious styles. So don’t mind trying these haircuts if you feel they are for you.

Even when you have thin hair, having short hairstyles are completely not bad ideas. In contrast, if you want to have beautiful long hairstyles like Ruby’s without dyeing or trimming your own hair, why don’t you try using Luxshinehair extensions? We can supply for you any style, texture and length size of hair with the best quality.

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