Nicki Minaj was born in 1982. She is a well-known American rapper, singer, songwriter, actress and model. She is called as the second Lady Gaga as she always appears with bizarre hairstyles which make her look like an alien. Her remy hair extensions are cut, styled and dyed trendily by Terrence Davidson, an African American hairstylist and a famous wigmaker. Thanks to his skillful styling and dying techniques, Nicki Minaj always appears in public with gorgeous look.

The American rapper owns a huge collection of wigs in different colors. She says that colors make her happy and excited. Every time she looks into the mirror, she finds herself with a different appearance due to different hair colors.

Pink hair color

rebellious hair colors from nicki minaj 1

Nicki Minaj has tried pink hair color many times. She has worn pink curly hair extensions. She has worn pink straight hair extensions, too. Of course, she has also worn pastel pink hair extensions, dark pink hair extensions, short pink curly hair extensions, long pink curly ones and so on. Pink seems to be her favourite color.

Green hair color

rebellious hair colors from nicki minaj 2

Nicki Minaj’s international fans no longer feel strange to the image of their idol with green hair. Just like pink hair color, green hair has associated with the 36-year-old rapper at many events, whether it is short hair, medium hair or long hair. It can be said that she has grabbed at lot of attention from her fans in particular and fashion enthusiasts around the world in general.

Blue hair color

rebellious hair colors from nicki minaj 3

In comparison with other hair colors like pink or green, blue hair color does not make Nicki Minaj look less rebellious but even more uncontrollable. Blue highlighted blunt bangs and blue ruffled curly hair seem to be not related to each other. However, the irrelevance plays a key role in highlighting monstrous hairstyles of the rapper.

Leopard print hair color

 rebellious hair colors from nicki minaj 4

Nicki Minaj’s leopard print hair color is extremely eye-catchy. This unique hair color is inspired by leopard leather patterns which are spotted color patterns. She looks even wilder when wearing a fleece stuffed-tiger hat to combine with her 20 inches hair extensions. Leopard print hair color has shown obviously how talented Terrence Davidson is as well as how impressive his remy hair extensions are.

Rainbow hair

rebellious hair colors from nicki minaj 5

It is undeniable that no hairstyle can be an obstacle to Nicki Minaj’s appearance. She is always ready to try different hairstyles and different hair colors. As can be seen from the photo above, this rainbow hairstyle is a combination of 6 colors of the rainbow. Her face seems to be brightened by this colorful hair color.

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