Perhaps, many people feel a bit strange when hearing about lace frontal hair extensions. These are not as popular as bulk hair, weave hair or wig but they are really impressive hair products. If you haven’t had much information of them, don’t ignore this useful article!

1. What is a lace frontal?

As we have mentioned above, this is a type of hair extensions. Although it is not convenient like weave hair, clip in hair, etc, it is still try- worthy. This can be considered a kind of half wig hair extensions. It can’t cover your whole head as the wig but it is a very important part to make the wig become perfect.

A lace frontal is designed with a large coverage from ear to ear. The density of hairs is also impressive which is often from 100% to 130%. Lace frontal is one of the most special kinds because it can be created with different styles such as free part, side part or middle part hair.

Lace Frontal

2. What are impressive functions of the lace frontal?

Make your hair look thicker

The lace frontal is applied on the top part of your head. It can help you to have your favorite hair parting and make more volume for your hair near by the hairline. Thanks to that, bad problems of your thin hair, damaged hair or hair loss will be effectively covered to make your hair look thicker and more beautiful.

Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Give beautiful hairstyles

To have a nice hairstyle belongs much to the front hair part. There is no problem if your real hair can’t be as beautiful as your expectation because the lace frontal can help you the best. You can order any style of hair lace frontal that you want to have a new image for your hair. It can be a middle part style, side part style, free part style or even the hairstyle with bangs.

In addition, textures and colors of lace frontals are also very diverse and impressive. The lace frontal has all styles that other types of hair extensions supply so that you don’t need to worry that wearing it is tedious and less attractive.

Give Beautiful Hairstyles 

Protect the scalp and real hairs

Your scalp and hairs are very easy to get damage when you install hair extensions frequently or use them in a wrong way. However when you wear the lace frontal on, its large coverage helps you to restrict to make damage on hair and scalp. Obviously, it protects your head better.

3. How to take care the lace frontal?

When you have installed the lace frontal on your head, taking care of it needs to be done better. Because the lace piece can be maintained on your scalp for about 2 to 4 months with good caring methods, you need to take notice in protecting it carefully in that period.

Let’s avoid scratching your scalp by your finger nails because that can make unexpected tangles or knots for the hair lace. Besides, you also have to be careful when washing hair. Let’s use good or specialized shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions to make sure that hairs will be taken care the best.

How To Wash Lace Frontal

Hairs of the lace frontal can be tangled anytime if you don’t use it properly, especially when you sleep. Thus, wrapping hair after you sleep is highly appreciated. In case you see that the extension need replacing, do it immediately to keep your hair relaxed the best.

4. Where to buy good lace frontals?

These days, brands supplying lace frontal hair extensions are various so that you can easily buy the hair product you want. However, to have the best result, choosing a good supplier is necessary.

We highly recommend you to use lace frontals of Luxshinehair. This is the top prestigious and famous brand of importing exporting hair extensions in Vietnam. All hairs are checked out to make sure that they are 100% real human virgin and remy hair. Hair is nice, smooth and strong with no tangle, shedding or hair bugs.

Furthermore, the lace piece is highly qualified with the big hair coverage up to 130%. You will actually have a new amazing hair appearance which is nice, thick and eye- catching.

Luxshinehair Lace Frontal

For now, let’s try buying and using these wonderful lace frontals! We make sure that you will be the next person who fall in love with them!

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