If you are finding for hair extensions which are both eye- catching and easy to use, tape hair extensions are exactly things you need. However, everything has its pros and cons and these tape hair extensions do too. Today, let’s have a closer look about them!

1. Basic description of Tape in hair

Tape hair extensions are hair products which are extremely popular with women. Hair strands are fixed in small sticky tapes. The time to apply these tapes is short as when you use clip in hair extensions. However, the result is really beautiful and impressive.

The width of hair tapes is only some centimeters so that if you want to have your expecting voluminous hairstyle, you need to use quite a lot of tape ins. In case you only want to have hair highlights, using them is completely a great idea.

Tape In Hair

2. Advantages of using Tape hair?

Using tape hair extensions are really wonderful with a lot of advantages. Let’s check them out together with us right here below!

Beautiful new hair look

When we choose and buy any type of hair extensions, the criteria of beautiful image is always on the top. You will never have to feel disappointed with images that good tape hair extensions bring to.

Beautiful New Hair Look

You can visit Luxshinehair with many impressive choices of hair tapes with the wonderful quality and appearance. If you like rebellious and energetic styles, you can consider buying deep wavy or curly hair textures. Whereas, loose wavy hair or straight hair can give you images which are much softer and more mature. Besides, there are a lot of other attractive hairstyles of tape in hair that can take customers by surprised.

Impressive hair length

Having these gorgeous hair extensions, you will never have to worry about your short and thin hair. Tape in hair extensions have a lot of nice styles with impressive length sizes. From short hair length for active girls to long hair length for charming women, hairs are all beautiful.

Commonly, the length of hair tapes varies from 6 inches to 32 inches. Thus, you can comfortably choose the one you like best.

Impressive Hair Length

Easy application

You only need to peel away the outer layer of tape of hair extensions and then attach them on your real hair. This is so simple and easy! You can install them only in some minutes but the result that they bring back is still more wonderful than ever. This is exactly one of the strong points that helps tape ins become popular all over the world.

Using Tape In Hair Extensions

Long lifespan

Good tape in hair extensions are made from real human hair so that they not only give nice images but also have the impressive long lifespan. If you haven’t needed to use hair tapes yet, you can put them away and save in dry and cool place. They will always look beautiful, smooth and fragrant without shedding or hair bugs.

If you buy low quality tape hair extensions, they are very easy to be broken or damaged. Obviously, you can meet quite a lot of trouble afterwards.

3. Disadvantages of using Tape hair?

Despite having many amazing pros, tape in hair extensions also have cons that make many customers feel dissatisfied.

Difficult hair removing

Installing tape in hair is very easy but removing them is a bit difficult because tapes are very sticky and firm. If you don’t take them off carefully, you can make much hair breakage and hair knots. Thus, you always need to prepare a kind of hair glue remover or hair oil to smear on hair tapes and remove them easily with the least damage.

Remove Tape Hair

Short- term maintenance

Commonly, tape hair extensions are often installed in a short time about 4 to 6 weeks. It is much shorter than the maintenance of hair weaves. However, this thing is completely not a big problem because experts advised us not to keep hair extensions too long on head. Keeping natural hair is always the best.

Short Term Maintenance

However, you can resist disadvantages of these tape hair extensions when buying good hair products from prestigious brands. With the good quality of both hair source and tapes, you won’t meet much trouble in installing hair extensions in your real hair. You can visit Luxshinehair to have the best service quality.

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