Surely both men and women always feel uncomfortable and self-deprecating when it comes to itchy scalp and hair loss. Perhaps, they are able to suffer from thinning hair and find themselves searching the Internet for the way to deal with the problem. However, they hardly ever know the primary causes and effects of these symptoms. Individuals who experience disorders of the scalp and hair, which refers that these issues may be related to each other. Just as concerned as you are, here are several useful information for you to find out the causes and what way to cure the itchy scalp and thin hair.

Itchy Scalp And Hair Loss

1. What do you know about itchy scalp and hair loss at female?

The truth is that our skin and scalp is the largest organ of the body that is most exposed to the environment. Around 60% of women has sensitive scalp and this symptom can cause distracting during the daily routine. In order to deal with disorders of the scalp and hair, you should have basic understanding about them. So, what is itchy scalp and hair loss at female?

Itchy Scalp And Hair Loss At Female

  • Sensitive scalp: Symptoms of a sensitive scalp include burning and itching. Whether you have a mild or extreme case, it’s important to find out what factors cause the sensitivity in your scalp. Burning itchy scalp also known as trichodynia. Girls often suffer from it if they has a sensitive scalp.
  • Hair loss: Hair loss refers to a number of situations characterized by the loss of hair. Though new hair normally replaces the lost hair, this issue occurs when the cycle of hair growth and shedding is disrupted. Hair loss is able to affect both your scalp and your entire body.

2. Signs of hair loss

Hair sheds naturally: In general, people lose around 100 hairs from their head every day. However, some people suffer excessive hair loss due to person’s condition. These signs are not specific but individual can think about some of these symptoms below.

Signs Of Hair Loss

  • Thinning hair on the scalp: Even though thinning hair is the common form of people, each gender experiences different signs of thin hair on the top of the head. Too much thinning hair make them feel insecure and it’s hard to styling hair.
  • Rapid hair loss: It is a prominent cause of hair loss. If the number of shedding hair is more than new growth hair, you should take a notice about it. Stress affects person differently and hair loss might be one of these reasons.

3. The connection between itchy scalp and hair loss

Even though these symptoms can occur independently, sometimes there is a link between hair loss and scalp itching. In fact, the disorders of the scalp such as fungal infections and allergic reactions can cause burning scalp and also lead to hair loss. In other cases, the scar on the scalp is able to cause itching because it damages the nerve fibers in the skin. Moreover, the formation of scar due to hair loss may lead to the itching for women.

Itchy Scalp

4. Main causes of itchy scalp and hair loss

Itchy and scaly scalp often happen when your head is too dry; it will get even worse in summer months when the weather becomes extremely hot yet very wet. This is one of the main causes of itchy scalps. Let’s find out what causes of itchy scalp and hair loss.

Dry itchy scalp and hair loss

A dry scalp often results in hair that looks dull and lifeless. Having said that dry scalp and hair loss are problems for millions of women in the world. Dandruff and dry scalp can be cause by skin problem and these situations can be worsened and even cause hair loss. Some experts suggest a poor diet cause both symptoms and dry hair in the winter weather combined with overheated dry air inside make scalp itchy.

Dry Scalp

Allergic reaction

The truth is that your scalp might be allergic due to hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner or hair dye products. It is high time you should pay attention to your hair care routines. In most cases, the reactions are mild and temporary. However, if the irritation persists, you can experience hair loss. People should use gentle products and care about their healthy hair.

Add Nutrients For Dry Scalp

5. How to prevent itchy scalp and hair loss

It will be much easier to find an appropriate way to cure your itchy scalp if you discover the reason behind it. Here are some useful tips that may help you to avoid these issues.

Dry Scalp

  • Change hair care routine: It can be said that it is one of the easiest way for individuals. To avoid allergic reactions, you should ask experts to decide the most suitable products for your hair. Remember to rinse your hair carefully to prevent irritating your scalp.
  • Keep clean and avoid scratching: It can’t be denied that people have to keep sanitation and avoid scratching. It is the reason why your head is always itching.
  • Doctor’s advice: If you yourself can’t find out the suitable way to prevent itchy scalp and hair loss, doctor’s advice will be the best choice. They will help you to deal with these problems effectively.

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