Hair extensions nowadays are used by more and more people because they believe that hair extensions will make them look more beautiful. It is true and it is hair extensions’ benefit. Many brands of hair extensions are choose and one of the most popular brands is Vietnam hair, which is considered as high-quality hair. Vietnam hair extensions are contributing to boost many women’s look all over the world. It is common knowledge that you will be amazing with hair extensions, however, it is also a disaster if your extensions fall out unluckily. To prevent this case, we will give you some tips to keep your Vietnam hair extensions from falling out.

There are many types of hair extensions you can use such as clip-in, tape-in, glued, etc. Whether you apply any types of extensions, you still have to be careful in maintaining them to keep them from falling out.

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Clean your hair before applying extensions

To get the best results with Vietnam hair extensions, the first thing you have to do is cleaning your hair. Washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo will help you remove all product build up from your hair. Moreover, you should avoid conditioner to keep your hair in the best conditioner to apply hair extensions.

Take care when sleeping

If you do not care your hair extensions well when sleeping, they can be damaged and fall out. To protect your hair, the solution you can apply is braiding your hair before going to bed. This way prevents your hair from moving around and reduces the friction, which can lead to tangles and hair knots.

Take care when brushing your hair

You should be nice with your Vietnam hair. To keep it well in a long time, you have to brush it gently. You can also take care of your extensions when brushing by combing with one hand and holding the hair at the bonded area with another. This way helps reduce the pressure on the bonds and prevent your extensions from shedding.

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Take care when washing your hair

Washing your hair gently is the basic thing you have to follow to take care of your Vietnam hair extensions well. Moreover, you should consider carefully to choose the suitable shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Refer to hair experts or stylist to make your decision correctly. Remember to apply conditioner in the right way: apply over the mid lengths and the ends, avoid the roots.

how to prevent your hair extensions 3

Take care when your hair is wet

After washing, your hair may be heavier because it is wet. Therefore, there is more pressure on your bonds. To protect your Vietnam hair extensions well, you should hang on to the tops of your extensions and be careful when brushing and blowing it.

Now you know some tips to take care of your hair extensions well and to keep them from falling out. Follow these tips correctly, you will maintain your extensions in a long time and look wonderful with their support.



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