We have seen many new gorgeous hairstyles with hair extensions in 2019 so far. And now falling in love with them, so to help you get ahead of the trends, we broke down the six most worthy looks as below. Get your colorist’s number ready before your sister, your cousin, and your barista beat you to them.

Here is some Remy hair extension for 2019.

1. Blonde hair

Selena Gomez’s distinctive blonde hair, short-haired mannequins … are predicted to be feverish next.

the prettiest hair trends should 1

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Selena Gomez’s blonde hair color will be favored for women in 2019. Since appearing with a new hairstyle on the red carpet American Music Awards 2017, the singer received a lot of praise. Riawna Capri, one of Selena’s two hairdressing experts, shared them for 9 hours to change the look of the voice of “Love you like a love song”.

2. Hair with choppy bangs

the prettiest hair trends should 2

Naked choppy bangs cover fashion shows from the Moschino, Prada, Fendi show, to Tom Ford. So, it is possible that this style will cause a fashion fever in 2019. This is a special hair style suited to the girlfriend personality.

the prettiest hair trends should 3

If you are wondering whether to cut the bangs, then Harper’s Bazaar’s answer is yes. With thin hair, single drawn hair of Taylor Hill’s is an interesting. Her hair a natural hair is quite suitable for her face.

3. Classical hairstyles

the prettiest hair trends should 4

Classical hairstyles like the 90s, such as curly hair, bending are also expected to “occupy wave” in the coming season. You can refer to hair samples of international stars such as Zendaya, Bella Hadid.

4. Braid hair

the prettiest hair trends should 5

2019 summer and pre-fall fashion shows have shown that trendy hair will soon become a trend. There are many different types of braid hair such as simple lace or be a fish tail.

5. Curly hair

the prettiest hair trends should 6

2019 is the year of the girl personality likes curly hair. The magazines advise to make the hairstyle as beautiful and impressive as cotton.

6. Ponytail hair with scrunchie

the prettiest hair trends should 7

This is also the time that the return of Scrunchie – the most indispensable hair accessories of the 1980s and 1990s. At the end of the year, hair stylist Jen Atkin, launched his own collection of Scrunchie. Ponytail hair with scrunchie is perfect!

7. Hair with Barette (Hairpin)

the prettiest hair trends should 8

Another accessory that brought the fever back is the Barette (Hairpin) and the suggestion from the catwalk is symmetrical clamping. Renowned hair stylist Ben Cooke said: “Barette is preparing to stir up 2018”.

We can see that, with the best hair trends in 2019, all hair is from vietnam human hair, can be make it into a lot of hair that keep up with the hot trends. And then, from Straight hair, you can change it into wavy hair and curly hair; make it with more colorful and attractive.

With the divine hair, you might be confident when standing a lot of people and making you become luxurious.






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