Lace closure is a popular type of hair extensions that are loved much by women all over the world. However, installing it sometimes makes trouble for beginners. Don’t be worry, we make sure that your problem will be solved after reading this detailed article of how to put in a lace closure. Let’s enjoy it!

1. Some information of lace closure

Because this kind is relatively popular so it is not difficult for you to recognize the lace closure. Hair strands are firmly fixed in a silky lace piece with the horse- shoe or square shape.

It is used to apply on the front part of hair so as to cover bad hair problems such as thin hair, hair breakage or hair loss. In addition, because the color of the lace piece is similar to the color of your head skin, it can give you a new hair image which is more natural than ever.

To install a lace closure, you can use sewing method or gluing method. Each kind has its advantages that you can choose so as to be the most suitable with your hair situation.

Lace Closure

2. How to install a lace closure

We will show you detailed steps of applying a lace closure so that don’t ignore them if you are wondering about how to have a nice hair look with this type of hair extensions!

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How to sew in a lace closure

This is the traditional method that women often use. Steps are quite simple but you need to be careful to install it properly or you can meet trouble with hair messes.

How To Sew In A Lace Closure

Step 1

Let’s make sure that your head skin and your real hair are clean and cool without dirt or hair bugs. Don’t use any kind of oil or hair care treatment on hair because hairs need to be keep natural before being covered by the hair extension to give the best and most durable result.

Step 2

It is making braided hair cornrows. Cornrows is where you sew the lace closure into so that let’s always be skillful when braiding them. Don’t try to braid hairs to tightly or too loosely because you can unintentionally make damage on your scalp and real hair anytime. Obviously, hair extensions can also not maintain long on your head if links between the lace piece and hair braids get bad problems.

Step 3

Gently put the lace piece on the front part of your head so as to get the style you want such as middle part style, side part style or free part style. After defining the proper place, let’s sew the lace part into hair cornrows beneath. Because this step is quite difficult to do by yourself, let’s ask for another help if possible for the best effect.

Step 4

Let’s cut the extra part of the lace piece and you have basically finish the lace closure application. Traces of the lace will not be seen if you are careful so that don’t look down for this step. You can make some more baby hairs or hair bangs to make hair look more real and natural. As for around parts on your head, you can apply hair weaves to get the perfect appearance.

How to install a lace closure with glue

If you are finding for another method, you should try applying the lace piece with glue. This method is not too quick or simple to do but the result is really impressive.

How to install a lace closure with glue

Step 1

After cleaning hair, scalp and around part, let’s fix your own real hair by braiding hair cornrows as the way you do at Step 1 and 2 when installing the hair extensions by sewing method.

Step 2

You need to wear a specialized wig cap on your head to protect your real hair from unexpected problems. Because this is a gluing method, you don’t need to sew the lace piece into your own hair cornrows directly.

Step 3

let’s put the lace closure on the cap and fix it on with the specialized glue. Let’s be careful because glue is sticky and you can get trouble if make it stick to hairs.

Step 4

As for parts around the lace closure, let’s use weave hair extensions. You also only need to glue wefts and stick them on the wig cap.

Step 5

After hair extensions have been fully applied, let’s leave all your hairs down and make the style you want. Don’t forget to cut off extra part to get the best image!

Luxshinehair Lace Closure

We hope that these directions will be useful for your lace closure application. For more information, please contact us as soon as possible!

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