African American women often like active and comfortable appearances so that they choose themselves impressive and unique haircuts. Of course, short hairstyles are never out of fashion with these women. There are thousands of different hairstyles that they can create and we have to recognize that they are extremely amazing. Today, let’s together with Luxshinehair go around the world and discover most outstanding and trendiest black women short hairstyles via pictures of celebrities!

Short Black Hair Celebrities

1. Short curly hair with bangs

Essentially, black women hair is relatively curly and messy and almost of them feel satisfied with this texture. This hairstyle can be considered one of the most popular short hairstyles of black women. Instead of having long curly hair which is both hot and uncomfortable, black women like short curly haircut more. Of course, black celebrities also can’t resist this attractive hairstyle.

The most typical representative for black women who love this short haircut may be Angell Conwell. She is often loyal to short hair since only this haircut makes her apperance look much fresher and more luxurious. Especially short curly hair with bangs makes the breakthrough on her style. Combining it with some unique bangs, this hairstyle quickly goes viral and become one of hair trends which never do out of hair fashion of black girls and women.

Short Curly Hair With Bangs Angell Conwell

2. Short hair with finger waves

Talking about this hairstyle, we can’t ignore the image of Zendaya– the famous American actress and singer. Zendaya is actually a lucky women because her perfect face can fit with every hairstyle, even the fastidious short haircut with finger hair waves.

Long hairstyles bring to her appearance images which are so warm and friendly while this short hairstyle makes her look like a powerful lady with the extremely luxurious and charming appearance. Making a hairstyle with finger waves and some hair sprays will actually not a bad idea when you want to have an impressive look in the crowd. Zendaya did that mission excellently so how about you?

Short Hair With Finger Waves Zandaya

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3. Middle part bob hair

Many people say that short haircuts with middle part style can make you look rustic and tedious. However, that thought is totally ridiculous and wrong. Black women prove that via their own appearances with middle part bob hair.

Mary J. Blige is also one of black women who fall for this style. Bob hairstyle with curved straight texture helps her face look absolutely mature and charming. Whereas, middle part style is impressive. It doesn’t cover her short forehead so that her appearance becomes brighter and much more balanced. 

Middle Part Bob Hair Mary J Blige

Besides, you can also change this bob hairstyle with some creative hair waves or hair curls or dye hair with your favorite hair color to look more outstanding than ever.

4. Side swept wavy short hair

Wavy short hair is the hairstyle which women all over the world love because it both gives soft feelings and have something rebellious. Combing this haircut with side swept style, black women look actually full of vitality and youthfulness.

Seeing the image of Meagan Good, her short hairstyle with side swept hair waves are really impressive and eye- catching, right? Without sophisticated hair colors or expensive accessories, her wonderful haircut accompanied by her bright smile make people have to be surprised and admire.

Side Swept Wavy Short Hair Meagan Good

5. Pixie haircuts

There will be a big shortage if we don’t mention pixie hairstyles in this list. In black continent, the weather is extremely hot and severe so that pixie haircuts are always top choices for black short haircuts.

There are many different variations of pixie hair and each style has its own outstanding characteristic. For examples, Halle Berry likes faux hawk pixie because it looks very strong and active while Monica Brown love a catchy haircut with red short pixie hair and side part bangs.

Pixie Haircut Monica Brown

You can completely make every style you want and don’t forget to add creative highlights for new impressive short hairstyles.

6. Shoulder length black hair

Why don’t you adding shoulder length black hair in your collection of black short hairstyles? Shoulder length hair is not too short so that you can make many eye- catching styles with it like hair curls or hair waves instead of only with straight hair. We make sure that every image with this haircut brings to you appearances which are extremely bright and attractive.

Let’s refer to pictures of Kim Kardashian, Zoe Saldana or black hot faces with shoulder length black hairstyles! Are you impressed with them?

Shoulder Length Black Hair Kim Kardashian

We hope that the above information about black women short haircuts will brings to your useful suggestions for the next change of short black hairstyles. If you are afraid that your thin and weak hair problems can become worse due to these styles, don’t be worry! Let’s try using Luxshinehair hair extensions. They are totally real human hair with high quality that never make you disappointed when wearing.




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