During this quarantine, people have the tendency to order hair online more and more. Actually, even when coronavirus hasn’t appeared, shopping online is so convenient and favorable in this 4.0 era. However, is it a good idea to buy things without knowing the quality exactly? We will show you the pros and cons of it and how to find a reliable hair vendor. Check it out now.

Order Hair Online

Pros and cons of order hair online

The advantages

  • Convenience. Nowhere else you can comfortably shop at midnight in your pajamas as online shopping. It’s obvious that you don’t need to stay in line to wait for your payment. Moreover, it’s really time-saving. Only by a click do you buy your favorite hair extensions in few minutes. Also, you can stay in your bed to purchase things without going out. Then, you can save gas, reduce pollution (a little but worth to be counted!). Especially, no more annoying crowds. Shopping while listening your favorite vibes is absolutely the most exciting experience in the world.
  • Easy price comparisons. Checking prices of different shops is super easy and fast. If you go to each shop and ask about prices, it is not only tiring but also time-consuming.
  • Privacy for discreet purchases. Many people don’t like anyone else to detect their hair extensions at all. Hair issues make them unconfident, that’s why they need to use hair extensions with natural look. In some cases, hairstylists don’t want their clients know where the hair comes from because their clients can buy directly from the supplier. It’s not good for their business. Thus, shopping online will be a great choices.
  • Better prices. As other goods, you will get better price for hair extensions when purchasing them online. The hair suppliers don’t need to invest in infrastructure when selling online so the price is lowered. On the one hand, many promotions are applied for online shopping only. Thus, you receive many incentives from them.

Shopping Online

The disadvantages

  • Risk of fraud. Due to the distance, you cannot know if the vendor is reliable or not. Hence, scam and fraud can happen to you. Nowadays, this problems occur frequently and uncontrollably. To avoid it, you need to be aware and careful.
  • Spending too much time online. You can get addicted to order hair online because of its perks. However, wasting your time on the computer, smartphone to buy things causes many bad effects to your daily life and health as well.
  • No support for local retailers. Normally, people buy hair extensions from different places in the world instead of local retailers.
  • Shipping problems. Even when you find a good hair supplier, you can get trouble with delivery process as well. Some agents supply bad service which causes lost items, wrong address, etc
  • Returns can be complicated. If you are not satisfied with the hair quality, it’s not easy to send it back for new hair or a refund.

How to determine a reliable hair vendor

How to find a reliable hair supplier


If you heard about a brand, then look for them on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, Pinterest, etc. Thanks to these social media, you can learn more about their hair extensions via photos and videos. Also, you can find customers’ reviews as well. A great trick for you is to join different groups and ask around about the brand. There may be many controversial comments but you should filter the most reliable ones to follow.


First of all, you need to check if it is a professional website or not. A reliable hair vendor will build themselves a great website for better user experiences. Then, you can visit their blog. In case the blog is updated regularly, it means they care about their website and want to expand it. Lastly, let’s check the posts’ content. They need to be the related and helpful contents to hair extensions. However, these things cannot confirm that it’s trustworthy. Many frauds have sophisticated tricks such as making a fake website.

Company scale

It’s better to contact the vendors directly. If so, you can ask to see the company or factory via a video call. Moreover, you can check the hair quality indirectly by telling the vendor to wash it, burn it, etc. The bigger company scale is, the more we can believe in them.

Don’t scare to order hair online because there are bunches of trustworthy vendors outside. We will introduce you the best hair supplier in Vietnam. If you need any advises, just leave a comment and follow our blog for more guidelines, latest trends and hair care tips. Have a nice day.


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