What do you think Ombre ponytail extensions are designed for? In general, with an Ombre ponytail attached to your head, there will be at least two colors on your hair. Therefore, they are loved by girls who want color diversity rather than one boring color. But, is that the only reason why Ombre ponytails are more favored than one – color ones sometimes?

ombre ponytail
Ombre ponytail

Imagine you have jet black hair and want to add white shade on it. A totally white ponytail added may shock some users who are afraid of sudden changes in color. If you love your hair color to transform properly in the way you wish, you should know how to choose your Ombre ponytail extensions.

What if you have dark hair?

In case your hair is black or brown, the safest option is to have a dark color on the upper part and lighter color on the lower part.

black n red

If you look closely at the sample right above, there are not just two colors black and red on the ponytail but also a purple shade in between. This is a delicate color combination that you should think about.

The color choices should also your skin tones, too. For example, girls with too light skin tones should not choose the colors that make them look paler. On the other hand, people owning a warm skin tone look gorgeous with dark colors as below.


Do you think black and light blonde should both appear on a ponytail? Well, it looks okay as long as the color transformation happens in a gradual manner.

black n blonde

If you have light – color hair?

blonde n purle

To circumspect women whose hair is light blonde, for example, they will not likely choose a ponytail extension with the dark upper part. A conservative way to choose the colors for light color real hair is the color upper part of ponytails which is light, too. Of course, you could decide the length difference between the color segments

blonde n pink

Your hair is red?

If your current hair color is red, apart from having a ponytail with similar color, you could choose an Ombre ponytail with colors changes in a subtle way.

red hair

How to preserve the color on your Ombre ponytail?

Follow the right shampoo frequency 

In general, the more you shampoo the hair or use other detergents on it, the more quickly its color fades away. Furthermore, in comparison with other types of hair extensions that are glued or sewed on your real hair base, ponytail extensions are super-fast to remove. Hence, if you use it frequently, you had better wash it every one week or so for good color preservation. Washing this separate hairpiece is also easier than other types of extensions.

Use suitable cleaning products

Shampoo Colored Hair

Your shampoo contains detergents that help cleanse your hair, but you will not want to wash the color away. Therefore, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners are smart choices, especially if they also add moisture and nutrients to your tail. Mild products are enough since your ponytail does not closely contact with the scalp, hence, they will not greasy easily.

Additionally, there is an even more healthy way to maintain color on your hair dyed, which is using natural ingredients for color preservation.

Store your Ombre ponytail in a soft place

To lengthen the longevity of your tail, you should prevent any strong contact with rough surfaces. It is good to store it in a soft cotton box and always gentle when using it.

Keep your ponytail from high heat and harsh environmental factors


Your styling tools will cause damage and color fading to your tail if set at high temperature. We do not suggest you get rid of them. But you should know that low or medium heat is enough, and heat protectants are a good foundation to avoid that type of damage.

To protect your hair color from environmental factors such as sunlight, sea salt, and swimming pool chlorine, you should use hair products with UV protection and always wear a hat when under the hot summer sun as well as a swimming cap when in a pool. Also, applying conditioner before pool swimming will prevent chlorinated water from penetrating your Ombre ponytail. Right after swimming, remember to rinse the chlorine all out.

Having Ombre ponytail extensions is extremely so powerful since it gives you a constant voluminous look and colorful appearance on your hair. Your smart color choice is essential to avoid shocking color contradiction in case you do not want that.


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