From the time she debuted as a rapper and singer, Nicki Minaj has been often attached her own image to the rebellious style with colorful clothes and hairstyles. Of course, making impression with other people by this way is really effective. Outstanding hairstyles helped Nicki Minaj’s appearance become so charming and also made her reputation go more and more viral. In this article, let’s discover all amazing images of Nicki Minaj hair together with Luxshinehair!

Nicki Minaj Hair

1. Nicki Minaj real hair

We has felt too familiar with colorful and unique hairstyles of Nicki Minaj. We make sure almost of us would think that Nicki Minaj hair must have been seriously destroyed after many times bleaching or dyeing or at least her hair is not as beautiful as her hair wigs nowadays. However, you will feel extremely surprised if you know the truth that her real hair is still wonderful.

Nicky Minaj natural hair is impressively beautiful and strong. With a big advantage like that, she always feels self- confident with her real hair when appearing in public. In the latest time she showed off her hair, many fans was very excited.

Nicki Minaj real hair was not only beautiful but also black, thick and long. Her hair even nearly reached her behind and made her appearance become extremely eye- catching. In addition, she had hair relaxed into the impressive straight and smooth hair texture with mature middle part style. Obviously, she still combined this style with a luscious dress to completely show off her sexy body. All made an outstanding Nicki Minaj at MTV VMAs.

Nicki Minaj Real Hair

2. Nicki Minaj long hair

You can’t raise hair for your whole life just because you want to have a beautiful long hairstyle for a while, right? Nicki Minaj can’t either. She really has good long hair but that style is not all. There are many Nicki Minaj long hair styles that you can still not know. Let’s check out them right in below.

Super long straight hair

It was clearly that to have this amazing long hairstyle, Nicky needed the help of hair extensions such as hair weaves or hair wig. However, we couldn’t deny that this hairstyle is so wonderful. Nicki Minaj had super long hair which can reach over her knees. Combining with active middle part style and smooth straight hair, she looked so strong and rebellious.

Many people say that keeping long hair with natural black color gives the image which is very tedious and gentle. However, with this super impressive long hairstyle of Nicki Minaj, that boring thing will never happen. All things you see is a perfect woman who is full of charm and power. Perhaps it can be one of the reason that Nicki has reused this style many times on important occasions and it always makes her look outstanding in the crowd.Super Long Black Straight Hair

Sometimes, she also transformed her natural black hair into different hair colors such as blonde, red, pink, etc for newer images with her super long hair. The effect that she chose was really surprising and impressive.

Super Long Blonde Straight Hair

Blonde straight hair with bangs

Perhaps, no celebrity can makeup with Barbie doll hairstyle better than Nicki Minaj. Of course, she can’t let her Barbz down, she has had blonde straight hair with bangs to have the sweeter hairstyle than ever.

She chose to have sleek strawberry blonde hair with medium length size of hair. This Nicki Minaj blonde hair style was really a wise choice. The hair color fits her white skin perfectly so that it made her appearance become extremely bright and outstanding. Combining with unique blunt bangs, she looked much softer and younger. With this long hairstyle, Nicki can still show her rebellious characteristic without making offensive images.

Super Long Blonde Straight Hair

Long wavy hair

Apart from her favorite long straight hairstyles, Nicki Minaj also often changes her style with attractive hair waves. Long wavy hairstyles are used by Nicki quite regularly and they are completely not inferior to her long straight coiffure before. Nicki Minaj has tried almost styles of wavy hair from soft loose waves or natural waves to energetic deep waves and they helps her appearance become much more enchanting.

Let’s see this picture of Nicki Minaj pink hair with soft hair waves, that’s so amazing, right? The combination between pink hair, yellow costume and brown skin seems to be quite colorful and awkward but when it is on Nicki’s body, this effect is really eye- catching. Instead of choosing loose waves with medium length size, having natural soft hair wave with very long length size and the outstanding color make something extremely creative and unique.

Nicki Minaj Pink Hair

In another time, Nicki Minaj black hair with deep waves or crimped waves is highly appreciated. Without dazzling hair colors on hair or attached twinkle accessories, Nicki only needs combine slick hair waves with her own black hair color so as to have a gorgeous style. She looks like a noble woman who is elegant and powerful.

Black Crimped Wave

Long curly hair

Women in countries in South America have long curly hair as their most popular style. It looks both impressive and active that can attract others’ eyes right at the first sight. Obviously, Nicki Minaj is also not an exception. She is absolutely suitable for long curly hair. Bouncy and stunning hair curls gives her appearance the youthfulness and creation while middle part hair is standard that makes her face become brighter. Having tone sur tone costume with this trendy style is really not a bad idea.

Long Curly Hair

Sometimes, she also changes natural black hair color into a more outstanding color like platinum blonde hair hue. Instead of having middle part hair with this style, she has side part hair to renew her style as well as make a hairstyle which is more suitable with this curly texture. It is still the active image but the appearance is much younger, isn’t it?

Blonde Long Curly Hair

It is not difficult to recognize that Nicki Minaj uses long hair extensions very frequently so as to have impressive long hairstyles. You can also be like her with those real human hair products. Contact Luxshinehair asap for the best hair extensions!

3. Nicki Minaj short hair

Nicki Minaj rarely keeps short hairstyles but each time she appears with short hair, all other people will have to be surprised because they really look attractive and unique.

Thick short bob

Almost girls and women with short bob often want to make styles which has the suitable thickness so as not to make their face to be covered too much. However, Nicki Minaj did the opposite thing. She had thick short blunt bob with thick long bangs.

Clearly, Nicki is so different and she is completely satisfied with that. We have to say that her rebellion is not only displayed on her songs, her characteristics but also on her impressive hairstyles. Thick short bob is exactly one of them.

Thick Short Bob

Red short hair

How do you think about a Nicki Minaj red hair? As for us, just one word can describe that. It is “perfect”. Especially when Nicki keeps her red hair with short length size and side part bangs, she looks so rebellious and energetic.

Having this unique short hairstyle with cool fashion style, who can look better than our talented rapper?

Red Short Hair

Green straight lob

After the first time Nicki Minaj has appeared with this haircut, the phrase “Nicki Minaj green hair” became hotter than ever. This short hairstyle sounds very suitable with Nicki’s rebellious appearance as well as style.

It is a perfect combination between green and platinum blonde hair colors. She has it with unique balayage style and impressive long blunt curved bangs. All creates a wonderful short hairstyle that only Nicki can fit. Let’s see the fashion style she has with this short cut! It is full of activeness and personality of a talented rapper, isn’t it?

Green Straight Lob

Ombre wet wavy short hair

Changing straight hair into a wavy hairstyle is really a good idea. It will be better if you know how to create it like the way Nicki Minaj did. She had short hair with natural but wet hair waves. This method helped her hair look sleeker and more outstanding than normal. Moreover, she swept her hair into a special side part style that make her face become much more charming.

Another interesting thing of this Nicki Minaj hair style was ombre hair color. She combined two impressive shades of hair low lights to make gorgeous highlights on her hair. Let’s see! Purple hair roots and blue hair ends actually went together very well.

Ombre Wet Wavy Short Hair

Blonde straight shoulder length hair

If you care about American celebs’ hairstyles, you can easily recognize that Nicki Minaj has ever had blonde straight shoulder length hair which was like her friend Kim Kardashian. Almost of her hair was dyed with the outstanding platinum hair color while hair roots are kept black so as not to make unexpected damage for hair.

This was really a wise choice of Nicki Minaj because not only was her appearance noticed but also her hair was not seriously ruined by unnecessary chemicals. That was so great!

Blonde Straight Shoulder Length Hair

4. Unique hairstyles

In this part, we will show you unique hairstyles which only appear on Nicki Minaj’s hair. We make sure that you will feel completely surprised with reckless images of her.

Super long micro braid pink hair

In the single “Motorsport” featuring with Beyonce and Migos, Nicki Minaj took all people by surprise with her iconic long hairstyle. It  was micro braid pink hair with floor- length locks. For more information, this hairstyle took her over 36 hours to complete. Obviously, with the meticulous creation like that, viewers couldn’t stand noticing on Nicki’s appearance.

It was clearly that this style is not made from her real hair but its effect was still extremely impressive. Micro braided hair strands were regular and amazingly long. Whereas, the combination between pink hair color and side part style made Nicki’s hair become more outstanding than ever. She also had hair attached to rebellious costumes so as to embellish her personality in the most impressive way.

Super Long Micro Braided Pink Hair

Leopard print long hair

Let’s check out another unique hairstyle of Nicki Minaj via her Leopard print long hair. On platinum blonde base of hair, leopard spots are added so as to make interesting and unique impressions.

Our Barbie still has straight long hair with impressive thick curved bangs. It  is really useful to make leopard spots become much more eye- catching. Combining this hairstyle with tone sur tone costume, Nicki Minaj looks so wild and charming.

Leopard Print Long Hair 

Two- toned styles

When talking about two-toned hairstyle of celebs, you must have thought about SiA with her unique white-black hair, right? However, that style is nothing comparing to two- toned hairstyles of Nicki Minaj. She has two- toned hairstyles with much more diverse hair textures and colorful hair hues.

Lately, she has appeared with an extremely two- toned hairstyle. A side of hair is dyed with blonde while the other is dyed with rose gold color. Both two colors are bright and catchy so that when they are combined together, the effect is so gorgeous. Especially, because hair is straight and long, her appearance becomes very attractive.

Two Toned Style

This rebellious singer also often changes her image with different two- toned styles such as blonde- blue hair, blonde- pink hair, pink- black hair, etc. Besides, styles of hair texture are also various such as ponytail hair, hair with bangs, etc. All make a Nicki Minaj who is more active and rebellious than ever.

Two Toned Hair

Rainbow long hair

A rebellious woman like Nicki Minaj actually can’t ignore hairstyles with rainbow colors. They are so outstanding and creative. Nicki’s stylist always knows how to make her hair become the most impressive highlight and making rainbow hair is exactly one of his secrets.

Because Nicki often wears synthetic hair so that making rainbow hair colors on her long hair is also not too difficult. Thanks to that, Nicki has rainbow long hairstyles which are absolutely gorgeous.

Rainbow Long Ponytail

There are still many radiant hairstyles of Nicki Minaj that we can’t list all here. However, we hope that these above information will be the most wonderful suggestions for you to have the most dynamic and attractive styles.

Don’t forget to contact Luxshinehair if you would like to have gorgeous hair extensions that can beautify your appearance without making unexpected damage for hair!

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