We know about hair wig as a kind of hair extensions having the largest coverage on head. However, you can still not understand all about wigs because they are really more diverse than things you image. Todays, let’s discover them to have a wider look as well as to choose the one you like better!

1. Full lace wig

This is the full name of the common wig that all of us know. Hair strands are sewn in the big lace piece with the big coverage so that the wig can help you to hide bad hair problems such as thin hair, damaged hair, even hair loss perfectly.

These days, products of full lace wig are almost made from real human hair so that they give effects which are extremely natural and eye- catching. Obviously, they have full of styles and colors of hair for your various demands. That is the reason why they are always popular despite being traditional hair extensions.

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Full Lace Wig

2. Lace front wig

Lace front wig is a kind of wig cap but it is not a full wig. It is the combination between a lace hair piece and hair bundles. The front part is a lace frontal or lace closure. They are kinds of half wigs that are specially designed with diverse and natural styles like side part hair, middle part hair, hair with bangs, etc. Thus, your new hair will become more real and softer.

The behind part of lace front wig is a big cap. You have to fix it on your head and then put hair bundles in to make a perfect wig with thick and nice hair. Commonly, we use weave hair extensions as the best hair bundles. They are easily attached into the wig cap by the sewing method. It is effective and long- maintained. Besides, you can use tape hair and clip in hair but they can be quite costly and easy to be fallen out if you are not careful.

Lace Front Human Wig

3. 360 frontal

A similar kind to the lace front wig that we would like to introduce here is 360 frontal or 360 lace wig. This is also a kind of half wig and you also need to combine to use this wig with hair bundles to have a complete hair extension. However the final result will actually not make you disappointed.

Hair is sewn into the round lace piece regularly and firmly. Thanks to that, your hair can look thicker at all sides on your head. Of course, because the half wig doesn’t cover the top part of head, using hair bundles is necessary here. After applying all, you can have a gorgeous new hairstyle.

360 Frontal

4. Afro wig

As its name, this is the wig style inspired from the image of African people. Hair is curly, kinky, bobbing and voluminous. Essentially, this is the style of rock stars but they have gradually been loved by black men and women who want to always look strong and outstanding in front of the others.

Afro wig is often bob or shoulder length because hairs are styled into special spring curls which is very bouncy and attractive as for Afro people.  You can have this style of wig with any color and accessory you want. They will actually make your appearance become wonderful!

Hair Wig

5. Reference

You can find for these wig hair extensions at anywhere in the global hair market. However, to have hair with the most beautiful image and the best quality, choosing the prestigious wig store is essential. One of them is Luxshinehair. This is the famous brand supplying all types of hair extensions including hair wigs with the wonderful quality and quantity.

Being human hair wig, Luxshinehair’s wig hair always looks as beautiful and natural as possible. Hair is essentially Vietnam human remy hair so that it is smooth, strong and sleek. You can order any style and color you want to make it look the most natural and attractive. Besides, you can find for many other types of hair extensions such as weave hair, tape hair, bulk hair, etc with the more gorgeous quality than ever.

Hair Wig

We hope that all of the above aforementioned information will be useful for you to choose and buy the best hair wig as well as any type of hair extensions you want to make your hair look the most gorgeous.

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