As for people who love American cinema, Jessica Alba must be a familiar name. The talent and beauty of this actress is impossible to deny. Obviously, Jessica Alba always be the one who is chased in every event that she takes part in. One of outstanding things that makes her always look beautiful and bright is her hairstyle. Jessica often changes her haircut to make new images in front of public. In this post, let’s with Luxshinehair find out about the most gorgeous Jessica Alba hair!


1. Jessica Alba short hair

Jessica has a perfect face so that she can look good with every hairstyle, including fastidious short hairstyles. Let’s check out some most impressive Jessica Alba short haircuts right here below.

Jessica Alba straight bob

We have to say that long hairstyles help Jessica have mature and charming appearances while this straight bob hairstyle makes her become younger and lovelier than ever. When taking part in events with straight bob, Jessica always looks so gorgeous and beautiful. Combining hair with middle part style, her face becomes much brighter and more balanced.

Jessica Alba Straight Bob
Jessica Alba Straight Bob

Jessica Alba wavy short hair

To make some more impressive highlights on hair, she has the short haircut with natural hair waves. Wavy hair gives the soft feeling instead of the active image that straight bob brings to.

With this Jessica Alba haircut, she chooses herself the side part style to make her appearance look more enchanting and impressive. She also likes combining this hairstyle with a pair of earrings to look more mysterious and luxurious. Her bright smile with short hair always makes her become outstanding in the crowd.


2. Jessica Alba medium hair

Jessica Alba shoulder length hair

One of the most impressive Jessica Alba hairstyles is shoulder length hair. Jessica often appears in front of public with hair which is over her shoulders a bit. No matter how her hair texture is straight or wavy, shoulder length hairstyles can completely make her appearance look extremely sexy and charming even when she dresses discreetly.

Jessica Alba straight hair gives her soft and natural image. Sometimes, she changes it with some hair layers to make it more harmonious. Whereas, shoulder length wavy hair gives her face an extremely charming look that not every girl can do. She often has these haircuts with balayage color and of course Jessica Alba balayage hair is perfect.

Jessica Alba hair with deep side part style

Side part hairstyles always bring to women images which are extremely bright and luxurious. More surprisingly, deep side part style even makes that better. Having hair with bobbing water wavy hair is actually a wise idea. Wearing on an outstanding dress and a pair of bright earrings, this Jessica Alba haircut and also her total appearance look so powerful and attractive.


Jessica Alba hair with bangs

Images of Jessica Alba bangs are often not popular because we have to recognize that her look with bangs is not as beautiful as her appearances without bangs. However, Jessica’s hairstyles with bangs are really eye- catching.

You can choose yourself a cute style with straight hair and bangs like her image at an even in 2006 or make a side swept style to look more luxurious and mature. Let’s comfortably choose hair colors you love for these hairstyles like the ways Jessica did. Hairstyles of Jessica Alba brown hair, Jessica Alba dark hair or Jessica Alba blonde hair are all warmly received by public.


Jessica Alba long hair

Loose wavy long hair

With the advantage of the soft and gentle face, Jessica Alba looks the best when she keeps long hairstyles. Of course, the hairstyle which often appears with Jessica Alba’s image is loose wavy hair. It gives hair more natural and mild feelings than other long hairstyles.

With this hairstyle, Jessica is loyal to keep her hair with basic colors like brown, balayage and blonde colors. These tones are not too outstanding but enough softness and attractiveness to make her face look more beautiful than ever.

Straight long hair

We can’t deny that Jessica Alba straight long hair is extremely impressive. Thanks to having the perfect ratio of face, Jessica doesn’t mind trying this luxurious and charming hairstyle. Hair locks are straight, long and smooth combining with middle part style and impressive brown color, Jessica looks absolutely powerful and sexy. Of course, outstanding accessories also partly make her look more attractive.

Long braid hair

Trying a new image with messy and loose braid strands is actually a right choice for Jessica Alba hair. She looks like a real princess who is both beautiful and gentle. Everything goes perfectly with this style and it really attracts a lot of good compliments from public.

Long Braid Hair
Long Braid Hair

Jessica Alba ponytail

That Jessica’s appearance is suitable for relaxed down hairstyles doesn’t mean that she can’t make the high ponytail hairstyle for a more impressive new image. High ponytail helps her look become much more charming and luxurious. No matter how clothes she wears is soft or energetic, high ponytail hair still helps her appearance become bright and attractive.

Sometimes, she changes her haircut with low ponytail hair. Of course, it looks softer and gentler but it doesn’t make her attractiveness be declined. She has beautiful hair, eye- catching face and perfect body, nothing can make difficulties for her.

Having a beautiful face like Jessica’s is really a big advantage. However, it will be nothing if her choose a wrong haircut. Let’s learn Jessica Alba hairstyle if you need to find the most charming haircuts. In case your hair is too thin and weak, try using Luxshinehair extensions, we make sure that these hair products are totally natural and give you beautiful images that you love.

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