Kristen Stewart is being one of the most famous young actresses in Hollywood. She is well known for the impressive role in the romantic film “Twilight” in 2008 and continues remain her own charm until now. Not only does she own the endowed acting talent but she also has a beautiful appearance. One of the best ways that helps Kristen always have impressive images when appearing in public is changing her hairstyles. Today, let’s spend some of your time discovering Kristen Stewart hair together with Luxshinehair!

1. Kristen Stewart natural hair

Famous for the role Bella of “The Twilight Saga”, Kristen looks very natural and charming with her soft brunette brown hair color. Obviously, many people misunderstand that that is her original hair. However, Kristen Stewart natural hair color is actually a shade of blonde. With her own slender beauty and white skin tone, this kind of Kristen Stewart blonde hair is extremely attractive and outstanding.

She like keeping her natural hair with long length size and layered hair. Sometimes, she has loose hair waves to make her natural hair look more natural and beautiful. Although after “Twilight”, Kristen often appears with darker shades of hair, her natural blonde hair still make many audiences regret because it is really suitable with her beauty.

Kristen Stewart Natural Hair

2. Kristen Stewart long hair

Kristen has an oval face which is balanced and eye- catching. Moreover, her angel eyes and white skin helps her appearance look suitable with every style of long hair. Let’s check out some of the most impressive Kristen Stewart long hair styles with us!

Light brown layered hair

Appearing at The MTV Movie Awards, 2011, Kristen Stewart attracted all others’ eyes with light brown long layered hair. It can be considered that Kristen Stewart brown hair is the hairstyle with long length size that she loves the most because she’ve had it for many times with many different styles.

Kristen often has this haircut with deep side part style to make her appearance look more mature and charming. Sometimes, she changes it with young side part bangs and sometimes, she combs back it to make impressive differences.

Light brown layered hair 

Apart from combing soft light brown long hair with impressive styles, Kristen Stewart hair is also created with hair layers to make hair look more natural and attractive. In addition, she sometimes combines layered hair with loose hair waves to make her thin hair become much more bobbing and voluminous.

Combed back dark brown hair

With the shade of sleek chocolate brown hair, she looks so sweet and charming. In addition, hair waves are soft and natural so that its long length size makes hair look much more impressive. Instead of keeping bangs, she chooses to comb back the front hair part so as to reveal her forehead and then make her face look brighter and more balanced.

Seeing this picture of Kristen Stewart at Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Gala 2012, her brown long hair with this style is really attractive, right?

Combed Back Dark Brown Hair

Long black hair

If long brown hair gives soft feelings on her face, styles with long black hair make her look extremely charming and sexy. Commonly, the beautiful actress will have natural black or jet black hair color with long loose hair waves to make hair look both natural and impressive. Combining with dark makeup style and a sexy dress, she looks so noble and fashionable.

Long Black Hair

Sometimes, Kristen also has long black hair with straight texture. This style is softer and more natural so that she has it with fresh and mild styles. Anyways, this Kristen Stewart hair style can’t make her appearance look uglier. In contrast, she looks so beautiful and elegant at the event.

Loose curly red hair

Having an angel face doesn’t mean that she can’t have unique styles with outstanding hair colors. When Kristen had long hair with red curly locks at The premiere of Sils Maria, 2014, she took everyone by surprise because of her appearance. This Kristen Stewart new hair style was extremely outstanding but beautiful. Without any more accessories, long red locks made her face look gorgeous and full of vitality.

Loose Curly Red Hair

Apart from having these simple loose curly locks with copper red, Kristen also changed her image with the lighter shade of red tones like scarlet red. Sometimes she had red hair with some braid strands on the crown or having hair corn rows on a side of head to make hair look more impressive and enchanting.

3. Kristen Stewart short hair

Kristen also never minds changing her image with impressive short haircuts. Short hairstyles from soft bob hairstyles to active pixie styles make her look so wonderful!

Wavy short bob

This can be considered the short hairstyle that every girl can be suitable with. It has the length which nearly reaches shoulders so that it still looks soft, elegant and natural. Kristen often has this short hairstyle with shades of brown because it gives the youthfulness and sweetness.

Having short hair waves with some tiny ornaments like a head comb is so great. In addition, her bright smile also makes her appearance with short wavy bob become so wonderful.

Wavy Short Bob

Pixie hair with long side swept bangs

This style sounds to be loved more by Kristen Stewart than the wavy bob hairstyle above because it looks very energetic and charming. Instead of having common side part style, she chooses deep side part hair to have impressive long side swept bangs for her pixie hairstyle.

Hair is often layered or created with hair waves to look more eye- catching. Besides, she also has this style with various hair colors like blonde, light brown, even pink and red. Of course, all of these styles make Kristen’s image become thornier, more rebellious but much more mature.

Pixie Hair With Long Side Swept Bangs

Blonde shaved hair

The phrases ”Kristen Stewart shaved hair” and “Kristen Stewart buzzed hair” were on trend in time she had this impressive short hairstyle. To have the most suitable image for her role in “Personal Shopper”, she had a buzz cut that made all of her fans surprised.

Perhaps, this image of her was quite masculine but it helped her display another different extent in her characteristic. She was strong and charming even when her haircut was like a man’s. Anyways, she still had impressive makeup style and worn an attractive dress. That made her look so gorgeous!

Blonde shaved hair

We hope that these examples of Kristen Stewart hair will be useful for your next hairstyle. Having suitable hairstyles is very important to have perfect appearances so that don’t regret investing in making hair beauty.

There is an easy way to make hair look beautiful without dyeing or bleaching your own real hair. It is using human hair extensions. Luxshinehair takes pride in being the prestigious supplier of hair extensions with the best quality, beautiful image and various textures so that let’s come to us right now!

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