Vietnam remy hair extensions are used by more and more people all over the world. People trust and choose our hair product due to good quality and benefits they bring to users. Applying hair extensions is an effective way to enhance women’s look by making their hair gorgeous. However, no matter which type of hair extensions you use, how much you spent on them, Vietnam remy hair extensions can be dry and frizzy after a certain time of using. Everyone hopes to maintain hair extensions and reuse them as long as possible. Therefore, some tips to take care of your Vietnam remy hair to keep them soft all the time are recommended.

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Before going further into how to prevent hair extensions from dry and frizzy, it is important that you should know why your Vietnam remy hair goes dry and frizzy. The answer is that because your extensions do not connect to the scalp, they do not receive oil from scalp which makes hair soft. Therefore, hair extensions do not receive nourishment and moisture, which leads to dry and frizzy hair after a time.

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Do not worry, now we will suggest you the way to keep your Vietnam remy hair soft all the time.

Because hair extensions are not be moistened by the sebum from scalp, they need moisture and nourishment from other source. Therefore, a natural treatment is a good solution for them. Remember to choose the right natural hair treatment, otherwise; the unnatural treatment will damage your hair due to chemicals. The right treatment will repair your dry hair extensions by providing natural oil for them.


After choosing the right natural treatment, you can apply it to take care of your hair by following these steps:

Step 1: Brush your hair completely to remove all tangles and hair knots.

Step 2: Apply hair treatment over your hair extensions

  • If you use clip-in hair extensions, you can move them out and apply treatment to all the clips
  • If you use permanent hair extensions, you should apply treatment to only mid lengths and ends

Step 3: Leave your hair with treatment overnight

  • If you use clip-in hair extensions, wrap them in a dry towel and leave overnight
  • If you use permanent hair extensions, tie your hair in a braid and sleep with it overnight

Step 4: After a night, your hair will apply all the moisture and nourishment from treatment. Now, you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as usual.

Step 5: Enjoy your beautiful, shiny and silky hair all day long.

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Above are some tips for you to maintain your hair extensions. By choosing the right natural hair treatment and applying it in the correct way, you can prevent your Vietnam remy hair extensions from dry and frizzy. Having smooth and soft hair is the dream of all women over the world, so keep these suggestions to make your hair extensions soft and beautiful all the time.

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