Do you think hair extensions could be applied for people with minimalist lifestyle? Are you totally comfortable with a full wig or a lot of hairpieces attached to your head? We would like to tell you that there is a variety of hair extensions nowadays and many of them are fast and comfy as you putting on a shirt. The topic for today shall be Halo hair extensions, and you may find the most interesting things about it with us.

What actually are Halo Hair Extensions?

Halo hair

Halo hair extension is one of the newest types of hairpieces that does not attach to your real hair. Instead, it is secured by an invisible circle wire on the top of your head. Unlike clip-in hair or hair weaves that need clipping or sewing into your real hair, a Halo extension does not require any physical attachment. Therefore, it takes you just a few minutes for application and a few seconds to remove.

How do you apply for the extension?

Step1: Choose the correct wire size

Choose your halo wire size

You should choose the right wire size to make sure your extension will not sit too low or too high on your head. Use your finger to check if the Halo sits comfortably around the crown of your head so that it could not move when you shake your head but gently touch your scalp.

Step 2: Brush your hair thoroughly

You then detangle thoroughly your real hair and your Halo using a wide-teeth comb or a paddle brush.

Step 3: Section off your real hair

section off your hair

Next, section off your hair at the crown then fix it into a bun at the top of your head. Leave out the sections around the bun including front sections of hair that frame your face and to ensure a natural blend.

Step 4: Apply for your Halo extension

install the

Place your Halo over your bun where you parted your hair. Let it sit comfortably and securely above your ears like a headband.

Step 5: Finish the good work

Styling your halo

Finally, takedown your bun and brush through your hair to smooth everything out ensuring your real hair is covering the weft line of the halo. Be careful when brushing over the wire of the Halo to avoid snagging.

Pros and cons of Halo hair extensions

The pros

It is super easy and fast to apply (about 5 minutes) and even faster to remove due to the absence of physical attachments. Hence, unlike other types of hair extensions, there is no need to learn about how to sleep with your hairpiece or how to wash it together with your real hair.

The wire is thin and colorless so that you could effortlessly hide it under your real strands.

Furthermore, the extension causes no pain and damage to your hair and your scalp. It must be the healthiest extension for you.

The cons of the extension

Without a strong attachment, Halo extensions prevent you from some sporty activities such as athletics or swimming.

On the other hand, you cannot try many hairstyles with the hair extension because of the wire.

Care Instructions for Halo hair extensions

How to maximize a Halo’s lifespan?

A piece of Halo Extension will last for up to a year or longer if it is made of Remy human hair or Virgin human hair, depending on how they are used and cared for. You had better wash the extension as little as possible, and use hair products appropriate for hair extensions to ensure they last as long as possible. Also, a wooden wide-teeth comb is advised to detangle your Halo.

What hair products should be used on a halo extension?

Be sure to use only alcohol-free and sulfate-free hair products on your Halo or hair products specially formulated for hair extensions to avoid the hair drying out and shedding.

Temperature limit for the halo wire?

Halo size 1

In case you are using a hot tool to style your hair, be sure to use it on the extension separately at a maximum heat of 120C/250F before wearing them. Avoid applying heat to the nylon wire, since it may melt.

Having your Halo hair extensions is a joyful way to enjoy this life without any inconvenience. It is true to say “There is beauty in simplicity” and we always love to see those simple beauties everywhere in this world.

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