Why are we talking about hair porosity? You may find your hair dry, lifeless, and easy to get tangled or frizzy. If you ask me how to solve this problem, I couldn’t answer unless you give me the reason why it happens. It is like when you go to see a doctor for your health problem, medical examinations always come before treatments. We would like to help you figure out whether your hair issue results from the hair porosity and give some smart tips if you want to learn about low porosity hair care.

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First of all, do you have low porosity hair?

Porosity measures the moisture and product retention ability of your hair. Our porosity levels are all different, yet we should know 3 divided levels of porosity: high, medium, and low.

High porosity: That means there are more holes on the cuticles of the hair, hence, it can more easily and rapidly absorb moisture and products. However, the big quantity of holes will also lead to moisture loss.

Low porosity: Your hair has tightly bound cuticles that are also flat. Moisture and products could not penetrate into the hair shaft with ease. In contrast, they tend to sit on the external surface of your hair and leave them with buildup.

Medium porosity: The perfect level for hair.

A quick way to test your hair porosity

Shampoo and rinse your hair to remove any product accumulation. Let it totally dry.

Drop a single strand of your hair into a glass of water.

What do you see?

If the strand floats at the top before sinking, then your hair likely has low porosity.

If the strand floats somewhere in the middle of the glass, you may have medium porosity hair.

In case the strand quickly sinks to the glass bottom, you likely own high porosity hair.

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Since you come here to learn about low porosity hair, we are going to tell you more about this.

What makes your hair porosity low?

You were born with it

I mean your gene decides your hair porosity. Your family likely has more people with the same feature. If you discover the reason, then it is time to apply good treatments.

Build up

If you do not properly clean and rinse the hair, the products and dirt will be accumulated on your strands, lowering your hair porosity. So we can say buildup and low porosity together make a mutual impact relationship.

Your suggested low porosity hair care

We will not talk about genetics anymore but the mutual impact relationship between buildup on your strands and low porosity. A general principle for improving low porosity hair: Infuse your strands with moisture while avoiding anything causing even more product buildup.

Oils treatment

Grapeseed oil
Grapeseed oil

You can either use an oil or mix it with other oils or with your conditioner. The treatment aims to add softness, slip, and weight for low porosity hair, which helps reduce frizz. Penetrating oils like coconut, sunflower, olive, avocado, or grapeseed are highly advised.

You will have to apply this treatment hours before you wash your hair with your best shampoo. But if you are not patient enough, then spend 30 minutes with your thermal heat cap or steamer.

Deep condition

Low porosity strands need more time to “drink” moistures. Invest your 30 minutes or more to leave the conditioner on. Again, a steamer, a hooded dryer, or a thermal heat cap support the penetration process well. Otherwise, a plastic cap could also help capture body heat.

Seal in moisture with an oil.

If the famous LOC method does not work well to your case, then try the L (liquid/leave-in), C (cream), O (oil) method. Just use your liquid/leave-in first, then cream, and your oil last. After a leave-in, you could apply a lightweight moisturizer before a favorite oil mixture. Some may skip the scream since it does not make a significant effect.

Make friend with satin

Satin cap
Satin cap

You could either sleep with a satin cap or rest on a satin pillowcase so that your hair moisture is not stripped out. So say goodbye to your cotton pillowcase and kiss your satiny heaven instead. Satin also pampers your tight sleep and is one of the ways to keep hair nice while you sleep.

We hope you find it interesting to learn about low porosity hair care when you know the porosity level of your strands. Just speak out anything you want to discover with us.

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