Famous for the role of Penny Lane in the comedy “Almost Famous”, Kate Hudson becomes the name who is warmly chased by global reporters. With the advantage of having a beautiful face and a sexy body, Kate always know how to make impressive styles in public. In this article, Luxshinehair would like to show you the most gorgeous examples of Kate Hudson short hair styles. We hope that they will be wonderful suggestions for your coming new short hairstyles!

1. Buzz cut

Kate Hudson is actually one of the most reckless actresses who dares cut her soft long hair into a fastidious buzz cut. In 2017, when she had this very short haircut for the first time, many people wondered why Kate Hudson cut her hair so short. Simply, it was just for her hobby and her personality. This impressive buzz cut helped her attract every attention of other ones.

This Kate Hudson short black hair helped her look extremely outstanding when appearing in public. Having a boy cut was nothing horrible, she still had a charming style thanks to her sexy body and the impressive fish tail dress.

Buzz Cut

Apart from having this buzz shortcut with natural black hair, Kate Hudson often changes her image with many different styles for newer images. These below pics of Kate Hudson with short hair are the clearest evidences. She also has this shaved haircut with more outstanding colors such as brown or blonde.

Brown Buzz Cut

2. Pixie haircut

Pixie hair can be considered the most outstanding style of Kate Hudson short hair 2018. At the 2018 SAG Awards, she brightly appeared with this new short cut. She had pixie hair with the attractive blonde hair color and side swept bangs with some natural hair waves. Although this hairstyle was quite short, it didn’t make her look like a boy. In contrast, she knew how to make it look beautiful and outstanding in the crowd. Thanks to her sexy body and her charming face, Kate Hudson only needed to combine the pixie hairstyle with a pair of twinkle earrings and an eye- catching dress and then she had a gorgeous look.

Pixie Hair

After some months, she was a pregnant. Of course, at that time, she needed to have the short hairstyle which can give the most comfortable and relaxed feelings and pixie haircut was exactly that style. She had this short hairstyle with the outstanding ash blonde color. This hairstyle was actually made her feel comfortable and happy, wasn’t it?

Pixie Haircut

3. Soft wavy bob

Bob hairstyle with soft hair waves is also the short hairstyle which is often used by Kate Hudson. Hair waves not only bring to her the more natural and younger appearance but also they give her images which are more charming and eye- catching.

Wavy Bob

This wavy bob can be suitable for every style that she would like to show. It can be a natural style with soft makeup or a sexy style with dark makeup and attractive clothes, etc. Anyways, this is the magic hairstyle that can be suitable for every kind of women who wants to have beautiful short hair and of course, Kate Hudson is also one of women who looks wonderful with it.

Wavy Bob Hair

This is also the hairstyle that she often applies the most. Until now, pictures of Kate Hudson short hair with blonde hair waves are popular and they got a lot of compliments from her fans because of the youthfulness and activeness that this hairstyle brings to.

4. Straight short hair

Sometimes, changing short hair wave with a straight short hairstyle is a wise choice. Kate Hudson is a women who often challenges her hair with different styles and straight short hair is also a style which is loved by her very much.

Straight Short Hair

She has this straight bob hairstyle with side part bangs. It helps her square face look slimmer and much more balanced. In addition, she also often combine this style with dark makeup to look more mysterious and charming. Platinum blond hair color is actually appropriate for this hairstyle because it is very bright and unique.

5. Curly short hair

Kate Hudson has a face which is quite big so that having short hair with hair curls is not a bad choice. She chooses to have a bob style with unique hair curls and the sleek blonde hair hue. Hair curls helps to hide big parts on her face so that her appearance looks more outstanding and attractive.

Sometimes, she keeps hair curls with middle part style but sometimes, they are combined with side part style. Anyways, images she got from blonde short curly hair is always wonderful!

curly short hair

How do you think about Kate Hudson short hair styles? They are really beautiful and attractive, right? These short hairstyles are extremely impressive and easy to make so that why don’t you try them for your own hair. We make sure that you will completely feel satisfied with them! Even when your hair is too thin, short and weak to make them, you can ask for hair extensions. Please visit our Luxshinehair shop to get your favorite hair extensions with the best image and quality!

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