Weave hair extensions are considered the most traditional and popular hair products. However, that doesn’t means they are tedious and unattractive. These days, with the  modern color- making technique, you can have impressive hair colors with hair weaves. They will actually make you become beautiful and splendid in anywhere.

Black hair weave

Weave hair extensions with black color is the simplest and most traditional hair products. They have the natural shade of human hair so that they always look real and attractive. When you apply them on your head properly, they can completely match your hair to give the most beautiful appearance without worrying that weft lines can be seen.

Black Hair Weave

Brown hair weave

Apart from black color, shades of brown also help hair weaves to look more outstanding than ever. If you are a woman who has soft and gentle characteristics, you can choose to use weave hair with dark brown tints. These shades are quite similar to brunette hair so that they are completely natural but charming. Whereas, lighter shades are specially loved by young girls who are full of energy and personality.

Brown hair weaves will look much more beautiful if you have them with long length size. It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, wavy or curly, you can have gorgeous looks which take all people by surprise.

Brown Hair Weave

Red hair color weave

For girls with strong and rebellious styles, no hair color is better for them than the red shade. Not only these hot red hair weaves help your personality tobe shown better but also they embellish your appearance very well.

Because red color is radiant and outstanding, your face will look brighter and more beautiful. No matter whether the hairstyle you have is short or long, these hair weaves still make you look full of charm.

Red Hair Color Weave

Honey blonde hair weave

Talking about the most outstanding blonde hair colors, we actually can’t ignore honey blonde hair hue. This shade is extremely bright and sleek so that they are loved by almost women all over the world, especially celebrities.

Because to have this hair color, you need to bleach, dye and take care of hair very frequently, wearing hair weaves is the best alternative choice. You don’t need to style your real hair but still have your favorite style. You only need to notice in the applying process to make sure that hair wefts are not released and then your new hair will look wonderful.

Honey Blonde Hair Weave

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Ombre hair weave

Styles of ombre hair is never out of fashion because there are thousands of creations with it to have beautiful images. Commonly, weft hair with ombre styles has two basic colors. The part of hair roots has a dark color while the rest is a lighter hair tone.

The perfect combination between the two contrasting makes an impressive beauty that attracts other people’s attention very well. Why don’t you try renewing your hair with them right now! We make sure that you will never feel disappointed about the result!

Ombre Long Straight Weave Hair

Mixed hair weave

Mixed weave hair extensions are also hair products with two different colors. However, shades are divided into clear parts which are alternate to each other. They can help hair to look more impressive with their own available highlights.

However, to have the best result, you need to choose good real human weave hair extensions. Not only are they beautiful but safe for your hair and scalp as well. Colors are carefully dyed with good hair dyes so that they are not easy to be faded away after many  times using hair weaves. On the other hand, if you buy hair extensions with low quality, hair can get tangles and shedding anytime and their colors are also not as beautiful as things you expect.

Mixed Hair Weave

You can visit Luxshinehair for demands of nice weave hair extensions as well as other different types such as bulk hair, clip in hair, wig, etc with the most impressive hair colors and the most eye- catching hair textures. We guarantee that you will always feel satisfied with them.

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How to care for hair weave? 




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