Among kinds of keratin hair extensions, I tip hair is considered the most popular and convenient type. Having hair tips, your hair will have a completely new appearance which is much more beautiful, lively and voluminous. If this is the first time you find out about I-tip hair, please don’t ignore this useful article of us!

1.What are I tip hair extensions?

As we have mentioned above, I tip hair a kind of keratin hair extensions. These extensions are sometime called micro link hair extensions or micro bead hair extensions because they are applied into real hair strands with specialized micro nano beads.

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I Tip Hair

Commonly, a bundle of I tip hair has about from 50 to 100 tips of hair. Thanks to the big quantity, you can wear them on any position on head that you want without worrying about the shortage of hair extensions.

2. How are textures of I tip hair?

Like other hair extensions, I tip hair is also designed with different textures to meet diverse demands of customers. If you love mature and charming images, you can find for kinds of straight hair extensions. Whereas, textures of wavy hair or curly hair look softer and more natural.

Straight Hair Tips

I tip hair extensions attract people not only by their diverse styles but also by impressive length sizes and colors. Almost brands of hair extensions can supply I tip hair with amazing lengths from the shortest ones to the longest ones of real human hair. In addition, hair shades are also frequently updated to give the most beautiful features.

Wavy Hair Tips

3. How to put in I tips?

Using micro beads

This is the popular method when we apply I tips. Things you need to prepare are good I tip hair extensions, suitable microbeads, a crochet needle and pliers. Of course, your skillfulness and patience are very necessary.

– Firstly, you need to part the hair into horizintal sections. This way will help the process of attaching hair tips on hair become easier and more convenient. Let’s grasp the top layer of hair and pull upward and the secure this section of hair with a clip to give access to the strands underneath. The lower section is the position we start with the I tip application.

– Secondly, you combine I tips with suitable real hair strands by prepared micro beads. You will need to use a crochet needle or a small hook to fix hair better.

– Next, using the pliers to crimp the bead and then you have finished the first I tip hair application. Other tips are also installed alike. Let’s make sure that the distance between hair tips are not too far or too close so that hair strands will look thicker and more regular. Commonly, you can apply from 10 to 20 tips on a hair line base.

– Then, let your hair above down, make similar hair lines and add more hair tips according to your demand.

– Lastly, you will get a new hair look which is much more voluminous than your initial thin and bad hair.

How to put in I tips

Using fusion method

This method is a bit more sophisticated but it still gives the impressive result. Instead of using specialized beads, you need to prepare a hair extension fusion tool to melt the tip and bond it on your real hair strands.

Keratin tips are suitably designed so as to stick on hair firmly. You will not meet trouble if you are careful or ask for another help to apply this method.

Put In I Tips Using Fusion Tool

4. How to remove I tips?

Taking micro bead tips out is quite simple. You only need to use the pliers to open beads and take hair tips out easily. As for the fusion method, you need to use the specilaized hair glue remover to weaken keratin parts and unravel them. You had better go to your near hair salon to remove them. Your hair will be taken care properly and protected from unexpected damage.

5. Are I tip hair extensions good?

I tip hair extensions are considered good hair products because they give very good effects on hair. However, we often choose or install these hair extensions wrong so that they make unexpected breakage and damage.

For having the best I tips, you can order products of Luxshinehair. The company supply wonderful hair tips from nice and strong Vietnam real human hair. In addition, keratin tips are also bonded firmly. The final products are always the most eye- catching.

Good I Tip Hair Extensions

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