Among types of hair extensions, Curly hair is the most difficult type to take care. If you do not have reasonable methods, hair locks can get damaged anytime. In addition, because hair sources are from real human hair, they need caring well to give the perfect result. If you are wondering about that, don’t ignore this article!

Take Care Of Curly Hair Extensions

1. Finger combing

You should say goodbye with the barber comb or fine- tooth comb when you use curly hair extensions. Because curly hair locks are very easy to be tangled, finger combing will help to detangle hair better. In case that you need to use a comb, using a wide tooth comb is the ideal choice.

Finger Combing

2. Washing hair extensions gently

Although you can do not wash hair extensions frequently during the time you wear them, you still need to wash hair so as to keep it clean and fragrant. Don’t use your finger nails or something sharp to scratch your scalp because that not only make your scalp get damaged but also make trouble for curly hair extensions. Hair strands can be tangled and hair wefts can be ruined seriously.

Let’s be gentle and soft when washing hair. Choosing a suitable kind of shampoo with less chemicals for your hair is necessary to get the best result. These days, there are many kinds of specialized shampoo for curly hair so that you can be easily to choose.

Washing Hair Extensions Gently

3. Take care of hair after washing

You should also take care of curly hair with suitable hair conditioner, hair serum and hair mask. They help to nourish both your real hair and hair extensions to look shinier and healthier.

In addition, don’t forget to keep curly hair extensions dry instead of using the hair drier. Natural wind will make hair always in good condition with the least damage. You also need to protect hair curls from external effects such as UV beam, sunlight, water, etc. The better you take care of hair, the more beautiful your hair is.

Take Care Of Hair After Washing

4. Avoid making sophisticated hairstyles

Even when hairs of curly hair extensions are real human hair which can make your new hairstyle look the most natural, you should also avoid making styles with them. Because hair extensions are amost attached on hair by sewing method, gluing method and clipping method, they can be seen by other people if you make sophisticated styles.

You had better leave your hair down naturally or making comfortable styles such as loose braids or ponytail styles. Curly hair extensions are essentially outstanding so that you will never have to worry about styling them too much.

Avoid Making Sophisticated Hairstyles

5. Protect curly hair extensions when sleeping

You can’t control yourself when you sleep so that you can unintentionally make problems to hair extensions on your head. It is clear that you should protect hair with useful methods before going to sleep.

The popular way is using a soft towel to wrap all your hairs. That will help to protect your hairs and hair extensions from unexpected problems. If not, you can try braiding hair. This will help you to have a new amazing curly hair look on the next morning.

Protect Curly Hair Extensions When Sleeping

6. Ask the stylist and dermatologist

When you feel that your hair extensions are having trouble, let’s ask for the dermatologist or stylist’s advice immediately. This thing is really necessary because they are hair professors so they will know exactly things you need to do to have the strongest and most beautiful hair images with hair extensions.

7. Store them well when you don’t use

In case you haven’t needed to use curly hair extensions yet, let’s protect them in the dry and cool place. They will be kept away from bad effects like dirt, smock and also hair bugs. Obviously, you should hang them up to restrict hair shedding and hair tangle.

Store Hair Extensions

There is a thing that you need to notice. That is choosing the suitable brand of curly hair extensions. Good products will give good quality and durable images that make you feel satisfied. Obviosuly, taking care of them is also more easily and quickly.

Luxshinehair Curly Hair

You can visit Luxshinehair for all demands of wonderful hair extensions, including curly hair extensions. They are 100% made from real human hair in Vietnam so that hair images are always beautiful, smooth and healthy.

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