Tape in hair is considered one of the easiest- using types of hair extensions. However, if you don’t do it properly, unexpected trouble can happen anytime. To help you have the most beautiful hairstyles, we would like to show you how to apply and take off tape in hair extensions right in this article.

1. How to put in tape in hair extensions?


Before installing hair extensions into your real hair, you need to prepare necessary materials. They are pieces of tape in hair extensions, a tail comb and hair clips. It is up to your expectation of your hair volume that you should apply from 30 tapes to 80 tapes on your head.

Before And After Using Tape In Hair Extensions

Let’s make sure that you choose the best tape in hair extensions which are good and natural to give the best and most durable result. You can find them at Luxshinehair. The company is famous and prestigious of supplying gorgeous real human hair extensions.

After having enough materials, let’s start applying tape hair extensions according to our below direction!

Step 1: Be ready with clean and dry hair

Because hair tapes are sticky, their effect will be minimized if you keep wet hair. Thus, before the application, you need to make sure that your hair is clearly washed and dried. Thanks to that, you can stick tape hair firmly.

Keep Hair Clean And Dry

Step 2: Section your hair

Commonly, you section your hair into horizontal hairlines so that you can apply them easily and regularly. Let’s star separating hair line parts at the nap of your neck first and then gradually move upward. The upper part of hair need to be fixed with hair clips so that we can install hair tapes more easily and properly.

Step 3: Use the tail comb

Let’s use the tail comb to take a thin layer of hair that is slightly more narrow than the tape extension tab, leaving some adhesive exposed.

Use The Tail Comb

Step 4: Apply hair tapes

You need to remove the adhesive backing and start by applying to the under side of the section, with the adhesive facing upwards. Then, take your second tape piece, align perfectly on top of the first, and press firmly together with your fingers to secure. This will essentially create a “sandwich” of hair.

Put In Tape Hair

Step 5: Repeat the process with other hair tapes

After completing the first application of tape hair extensions, let’s continue applying other tapes according to these above steps. You need to notice not to let the distance between tape hair extensions to be too close as well as keep them too close to hair roots. If not, they can cause side effects that make your new hair become less natural and easier to get damage.

Having Tape In Hair Extensions

Step 6: Make your favorite style

Once all the pieces are applied, you can cut and style your hair according to your hobby. If you like having a style which is simple but mature, you can keep natural straight hair texture. In case you love styles more outstanding, making hair waves or hair curls with hair styling tools is also great.

Make Your Favorite Style

These days, hair extensions are diversely designed with many different impressive textures, you can buy them immediately instead of styling hair by yourself. Anyways, final results will actually gorgeous.

2. How to remove tape in hair extensions?

To take off tape hair extensions, you obviously need to use a kind of tape remover. Don’ try to remove them only by hand or with water because that can make worse hair breakage and hair damage. Asking for another help will be much better than doing it on your own.

  • Firstly, you need to define the position of hair tapes so as to take them off in the quickest way. Let’s fix the other hair part with clips to make sure that they are not effected too much.
  • Secondly, you spray or smear the tape remover on your hair directly. After that, let’s wait for 1 to 2 minutes for the hair tapes’ glue to be loosen.
  • Next, wiggle tape hair extensions to see if they move. If they are still not ready to be taken off, let’s add some tape remover.
  • Then, you can gently remove hair tapes out.
  • Lastly, after taking all hair extensions off, let your hair relaxed and then wash it clearly and take care of hair carefully to avoid making unexpected problems.

How To Remove Tape In Hair Extensions

We hope that thanks to these information, your tape hair application will become quicker and better. If you still have any question of hair problem, don’t mind asking us. We are always willing to help you to have the best appearance.

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