Using a wig is considered the best way to make your bad hair become a complete new style which looks thicker and more beautiful. However, everything can go wrong if you don’t know how to make and wear the wig properly. Today, we will help you to deal with these problems to have the best hair appearance.

1. How to make a wig?

You can choose to buy a wig you like at anywhere. They are beautiful, diverse and eye- catching. However, almost of their prizes are very expensive and their sizes are difficult to control. Thus, if you are skillful and you want to have a wig with the cheapest expense, DIY a wig is great!

How To Make A Wig


To make a perfect wig, you need to prepare enough materials. Here is a list of the wig making equipment for your reference.

Prepare To Make A Wig

  • Wig head/ Mannequin head
  • Real human hair wefts
  • Lace closure/ Lace frontal
  • Wig combs
  • Adjustable dome wig cap
  • Wig band
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Pearl headed pins

Let’s make sure that all of these materials are good products so that they can be used for a long term and give the best result for your hair making. After having been ready, let’s get started!

DIY a wig

Step 1: Take your head measurements.

This is a very important step because whether the wig you make can fit your head is up to it. Take the measurements from the front to the back, around the hairline for the circumference and from ear to ear. The accurate measurement will be useful for the naturalness of the wig.

Take Your Head Measurements

Step 2: Form the wig foundation

Let’s fix the mannequin head and then fit the wig cap circumference. You also need to make sure that the wig cap can cover all of the hair parts of the head. At this step, using pearl headed pins is really useful.

Form The Wig Foundation

Step 3: Sew weave hair extensions

When buying hair weaves or hair wefts, let’s make sure that you buy real human virgin and remy hair from trustworthy hair sources. Not only are they well- qualified but also their hairstyles and colors are also very impressive.

Let’s measure and cut hair weaves so as to make them be suitable with the wig cap. After that, you can sew the weave into the wig cap with thread and needle. Let’s be careful and skillful to fix hair weaves firmly and regularly. Thanks to that, they can be used for long term with the ideal effect.


Step 4: Apply the lace closure

Using the lace closure in front of the head is ideal because it can meet many demands of you such as having middle part hair, side part hair or hair with bangs, etc. You can also use a lace frontal as an alternative. Its coverage is bigger but the effect is very impressive. You need to take notice to sew the lace piece so as to look beautiful and avoid making unnecessary hair tangle. Don’t forget to cut off the excess track after properly securing it with a knot.

Make Wig

Step 5: Use tweezers to pluck the hairs on the closure to make it look like your real hair.

Step 6: Now, you can sew the wig combs and band. Sew the wig band at the rim of the dome cap and at least one comb on either side of the head and also at the back.

Step 7: Everything sounds to be completed. You can style or take care of your new has according to your opinion.

2. How to put on a wig?

To wear a wig is completely not difficult as the thing you image. Firstly, let’s make sure that your real hair is fully protected by making it into firm hair corn rows. After that, you only need to put the wig on. Sewing weft lines of the wig cap properly and then cut off extra parts.

To make it look natural, you can make some baby hairs or hair bangs to cover the lace in front. You can also buy straight hair and then make any style you want instead of buying available hair textures.

How To Put On A Wig

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